WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips #21

Photo by Mia Novakova

Peaks Of The Week:

  • Danish ambient electronic collage artist and musician Paw Grabowski, aka  øjeRum “Alting Falder I Samme Rum III” from the new album “Alting Falder I Samme Rum” on sound in silence

Prolific Danish artist toes the hazy line between ambient and folktronica through the fusion of minimalistic synth melodies, repetitive hypnotic guitar arpeggios, layers of rich textures and swells of ecstatic drones, drawning the listener into a visionary, meditative and wistful journey, whose sonorities define a vivid, immersive and nostalgic narrative imagery.

  • Inter-European new-wave/punk/minimal wave/neo-folk/krautrock/electronic collaboration between Luc Bersier, Low Bat, Leonard Prochazka and Ariel Garcia, aka JEAN-LUC – “Le Sabbat” from the upcoming debut EP “Des litres d’essence” on Knekelhuis                                                                                                    

Bursting and compelling flurry of creativity from a Euro squadron of producers that unleash a crucible of styles and genres embedded in their DNA, where old and new intertwine perfectly, for certainly one of the most intriguing releases of the year.

  • Tunis, Tunisia Dark Techno/Acid/Industrial producer Ben Khlifa – “Modern Models Business ft. Engy” from V/A “Still A Legend In The Under” on Tunis’ Trouble

Sensual, atmospheric and pulsing techno hit from Tunis’ up-and-coming producer Ben Khlifa, part of a killer new sampler from the interesting North African label.

  • Experimental/dark ambient/noise/power electronics side project of Belgian producer Hundred Crusades, Lost Affair – “A Sad Beginning”                                                                                                                                 
  • Liverpool, UK synth electronic/witch house/darkwave musician Danny Ryder, aka MONOMOR✞E “Heart”
  • Seattle experimental/avant-garde/drone/ambient producer K. Leimer ”Uncertain Instruction” from the upcoming vinyl/cassette album “Irrational Overcast” on First Terrace Records
  • Derry-based industrial/dark experimental electronic/EBM project of Christian Donaghy, AUTUMNS – “YOU’RE NOT AN ARTIST, YOU’RE A DICKHEAD” from upcoming 10 Years Ov Clan Destine Records cassette compilation “Life ist Krieg”
  • Melbourne, Australia industrial/noise/EBM/dark electronics producer, one-half on Die Orangen and master-mind behind Power Station/Power Cuts, Kris BAHA “Serve, Obey” from upcoming 6-tracker 12″ “My Master” on Pinkman                                                                                                                                                                     
  • Italian experimental/industrial/noise/electronic producer Andrea Natale, aka Anna Funk Damage – “Where’s The Way God” from upcoming Montreal‘s Aperitif de la Mort label’s first cassette compilation ”
  • French electronic/synthwave duo POTOCHKINE “Le Bachique (Mila Dietrich remix)”                                           
  • Seattle EBM / dark electro band CHROME CORPSE “Necessary Tension” bonus-track on “Gun Spit” EP on Ve 
  • US-based mysterious electro producer Paul Villard – “Black Lab Coat” from 4-track “Promethium” EP on Blind Allies
  • Beijing-based experimental electronic audio/visual Chinese duo Zaliva D “Calling” from the upcoming EP “Calling” via SVBKVLT                                                                                                         
  • London, UK dark electronic/noise/techno producer BLISTER QUEEN “A Crack In Reality”                                 
  • Barcelona, Spain ambient/dark electronic/techno producer DRONEGHOST “The Stream 3” from “The Stream” EP on Aarden Records
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands industrial/techno SENSIVE “Rinse And Defeat” from “The Millennial Mile” EP on Märked
  • Manchester, UK/Berlin-based experimental techno producer Setaoc Mass “Timeworn” from upcoming V/A ” Mnemosyne” cassette on A Sacred Geometry
  • Canadian synthwave duo formed by longtime friends Kaan Güneşberk and Connor McComb (Pulsum / Mutually Feeling), NIGHTDRIVE “Tears In Motion” from debut 2-track EP “Tears in Motion” on Burning Rose
  • Amsterdam based experimental/kraut/psych/wave/electronic producer Jip van der Duin aka Cantillate “Machines for emotions feat. Stijn van Wees” from the ltd. cassette “Machines for emotions” [samatape010] via Sama Recordings
  • Hamburg’s electro producer/DJ and one half of Schulverweis, L.F.T. – “Hypno Haniwa” off upcoming 12″ EP “ZMNT 002” via Kluentah’s Zement imprint                                                                                                                
  • Utrecht based EBM/industrial/dark techno/minimal electro musician/producer Roberto Auser “Chaos Never Dies” new 2-track 12″ EP on Femur Records
  • Paris, France Industrial/Acid /EBM/Techno producer End of Mortal Life “Korventenn”                                     
  • St. Petersburg based Russian industrial/EBM/techno producer, Regulaar “Untitled #4” from the new EP “Untitled body pack”
  • French synth-punk/coldwave duo of Timothée Gainet & Arnaud Derochefort from Lyon, POISON POINT – “Imaginary Veil (IV Horsemen Remix)” from upcoming “Oblivion” EP on Intervision                                                                       
  • Netherlands wave/new beat/techno/synth-pop/electro solo project of DJ/producer and one half of Tunnelvisions, Emiel de Groot, aka COLORAY “Stand Up Straight” on his new, Atomnation sub-label Intercept records
  • Berlin-based dark disco/post-punk/techno Dj/Producer (half of band Russian Chandeliers with Julian Grefe aka Pink Skull), Fringe Society “Sexdeathnap (Facets Remix)” from upcoming “Fantaisie Sordide” EP on Esthetique Records
  • Barcelona kraut/coldwave/post-punk DJ and producer FLEDERMAUS “Extricate (MontCosmik Remix)” off of “Black Hole” EP on Dogs & Vultures Records
  • Xalapa, Mexico cosmic psych disco electronic producer Paulo Rodriguez, aka PAULOR “Spaceship” title track of the new EP on Life And Death
  • Italian cosmic electro/italo-disco producer (Italo Deviance’s head and half of Marvin & Guy), MARCELLO GIORDANI “Se Ritornerai (Vocoder version)” from the 3-track EP “Rifelssi” on MM Discos
  • Brooklyn, NY based IDM/modular synth/electronic musician and sound designer Joseph Fraioli, aka Datach’i “Rockledge 3A” from the upcoming album “Bones” on Planet Mu
  • IDM / acid / electronic producer Brainwaltzera – ”bUnker” from the new EP “Bunker” on Analogical Force
  • Ukrainian deep techno producer SVAROG “Settling” from the EP “Shadows” on Affin Ltd.
  • Leeds, UK synth electronic project of Sod’s Z. Hinson, aka Laurent’s Mask – “Untitled” from V/A “TELEVISIONED” cassette on Soft Verse
  • Brussels, Belgium IDM/electronic music artist David Morley – “Boundary Travels” title track of the new EP on Futurepast                                                                                                                                                               
  • Dutch techno electronic producer Remco Beekwilder “Universe Of Memories” from the debut album ”Culture Vulture” on EMERALD
  • São Paulo, Brazil organic electronic/techno producer Henrique Martinelli, aka MARTINELLI “Segundos” from the new “Sem Sono” on MAMBA rec
  • Berlin-based industrial/dark electronic/ebm American/Cuban producer Joey Blush, Blush Response “Rite Of Transformation”                                                                                                                                                    
  • Italian ambient/techno duo Plants Army Revolver – “Enki” from upcoming “Nyambi EP” on Mental Modern imprint                                                                                                                                                     
  • Florence, Italy dark techno/ambient/experimental producer Andrea Simioni, SHADOWCOMPLEX “Orizzonte degli eventi (Original Mix)” from V/A “Sacrament of penance 001” on Temple
  • Belgian techno artist Amelie Lens “Hypnotized” title track from the forthcoming EP on Second State           
  • Paris based techno /heavy industrial female DJ/producer Ma Čka “Dyson Sphere” from V/A “004” EP on Måinmise Records                                                                                                                                         
  • Belgian Dark / Ambient Electro Producer/Dj from Brussels, DATAWAVE “Magnetron” from V/A “DMC006” on Bay Area’s Dionysian Mysteries
  • New York trancey dark techno producer Miguel Alvariño, aka ENRIQUE “Eating Plastic” from “Self Loathing” cassette/vinyl EP on BANK Records NYC
  • Canada/UK techno-industrial live project between duo Rich Oddie & Christina Sealey and Justin Broadrick, Orphx/JK Flesh “Liberator” from the live album “Light Bringer” (recorded at Berlin’s Atonal Festival and the Katharsis events in the Netherlands) on Hospital Productions
  • Chicago‘s chillwave/synthwave producer American Wolf “Somewhere Somehow”

Photo by Mia Novakova