WL//WH Track Of The Day: SECRETISMO “Noviembre”

Right one year ago we already pleasantly dealt with the debut from Secretismo, the Bogotà, Colombia-based one-girl-band moniker of Sombras front-woman, half of S ∆ D K Ó and Tres Incendios Temporales label co-founder Alejandra Anastasia, influenced by ‘synthpop, coldwave, and darkwave’.

Secretismo has just dropped her third 3-track EPKonets” via Tres Incendios Temporales label.

Gloom-soaked mesmeric chant weaves its way through hypnotic and martial terse beats heightened by rumbling sequenced synthetic bass, pulsing along with subdued gleaming synth, as dramatically excruciating guitar bleeds relentlessly resonate on top, piercing the thick and claustrophobic haze embued by aloof forlorn vocals drifting through the murky, dangerous waters of her own fears, uncertainties, and isolation, swiftly glimpses of hope fill the air, the blanket of gray fog stirs up, just sure things, doubt fades, people will be freed, the voice is safer, the sound deeper, ‘caudillos are burning, their end is near’.

Under the hypocrite silence of the corporate Western media, like a contagion, the revolt grows from side to side of Latin America against the ruthless neo-liberal economic oppression and the systematic violation of social and civil rights; the cry of rage and hope from the peoples, ‘los de abajo’ (those below), rises high and strong, sowing fear in ‘los de arriba’ (those who are above), which react with blind violence.

With moving lyrics straight from the heart, a compelling, dark, atmospheric synth-driven introspective meditation turns into political consciousness.

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