WL//WH Track Of The Day : Ill Humans “Whatever”

Track Of The Day  Ill Humans

Ill Humans is the DIY goth / darkwave / post-punk project of Long Beach, California based artist Arvid Arays, fresh from releasing his very promising debut EP “The Disruption of Binaries”, four ‘songs of deficiency within reverberating spaces’.

The absorbing and haunting, “Whatever” deals with love, loss and spirituality. Hypnotic and repetitive drum machine rhythms and clapping beats interact with relentless, rousing and profound bass lines rife with a haze of spectral reverb, shadowed by frozen breeze of wistful synths, drifting off into a dark, brooding, and utterly depressing contemplative state charged with an impending sense of doom, eerily affecting and disturbingly entrancing, encapsulated by deep, cold forlorn vocals, sprinkled with sullen guitar fades and swelling liquid keyboard notes, getting lost in a bottomless dim pit of bitterness, pain and despair.

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