WL//WH Track Of The Day: UTOLSÓ HULLÁM “Kihűlt már az ágy / The bed is already cold”

Track Of The Day  Utolsó Hullám

Brand new single, the third, for Hungarian Oldschool Gothic Rock /Post-Punk 4-piece Utolso Hullam, made up of Jakab Árpád (Motyó) on vocals, guitar, synth, Tamás Némedi on guitar, Richuda Buda on synth, and András Töller on bass, 

A poignant, romantic, slow burning dark ballad, “Kihűlt már az ágy / The bed is already coldinstils chilling gothic shivers that tingle down its agonizing spine, stretching up into morbidly sensual and arcane darkness, streaked by winding spectral weaves of painful guitars flickers, topped off with an intensely emotional and magnetic vocal delivery of sore torturous memories left mourning between tepid apathy and seething desire.

Propulsive skipping drumming rumbling along with a ceaselessly meandering forlorn punchy bassline, amidst ethereal languid synth gleams, pierced by slow heart-wrenching spirals of effect-laden guitar wails and aching echoes, lingering around distressed breathless vocals longing in helpless nostalgia, to uncover lost feelings of bliss from a dire pit of broken despair.

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