WL//WH Track Of The Day: GREYSTONE SISTERS “Paranoia”


Although the name and being a two-woman act might immediately suggest British bands such as Strawberry Switchblade or almost homonymous Shakespear’s Sister, Greystone Sisters, formed in Sheffield in late 2021, delivers an 80s-inspired Goth Shoegaze/Post-punk sound that instead, they let us know, ‘could appeal to say fans of early Cocteau Twins, Skeletal Family and Siouxsie and the Banshees.’

While not possessing the sheer otherworldliness of the former, the emphatic haunted depth of Anne-Marie Hurst and the sensual commanding magnetism of the latter, the dynamic evocative vocalizations paired with tantalizing hypnotic bass swells and achingly sharp guitars are enough to seduce with its secretive and dark witchy vibe.

The goth duo’s third single “Paranoia, lyric-wise, paints the psychological profile of a woman who has committed a crime and describes the guilty ignorance she portrays at the hands of a relentless observer.

More moody and electrifying than the previous shadowy and decadent intriguing fall song “The Veil”, “Paranoia” arouses taut skipping beats to drive an ominously rollicking, pulsing bassline, pierced by agonizing squalling crunchy guitar wails slathered in reverb, echoing with compulsive painful drama through swirling urgent shifts of erratic moods and tempos from impassioned vocals, amidst whispery secrets, lush emotional cries, and manic reactions, whilst evoking a beautiful array of female energies rooted in jealousy, and guilt.

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