WL//WH Track Of The Day: VELVET SUNSET “I Ride All Night”

Track Of The Day  Velvet Sunset

French blurry indie rockers Velvet Sunset, made of C. Eleonore Borderie on vocals and Max Walter Viseux on guitar, end a prolific 2021 with an immersive and shadowy, yet resonant 4th and last single of the year, entitled “I Ride All Night”.

The duo’s gripping and intoxicating formula of 90s noisy indie rock sprinkled with hazy shoegaze and dream-pop inclinations, built on sensual dreamy vocalizations and evocative, imaginative guitar patterns, this time morphing into fuzzy sand-papered sheets of slightly acidic, lysergic feedback wrapped in a most beautiful gauze of reverb-strewn melodious melancholia and heartache, soothed by the uplifting flow of letting go.

An introspective and evocative existential late-night drive, filled with intensity and passion, to overcome old constraints, in a surreal and warped journey of self-discovery, that unfurls over an enveloping and sinuous slow pace, amid a sparkling and fluttering alternation of lights and shadows.

The reverb-drenched vocals, persuasive and moody, unearths an intimate and liberating path from the deepest insecurities, mistakes, heartbreaks, and fears with little regret and nostalgia, just an all-encompassing sadness, eased by a heartfelt realization for the simple things in life.

Vibrant and abrasive, somewhat enveloping distorted effected-laden guitar layers sway and swish ceaselessly, amidst blunted steady drum beats, stretching out in scorching hazy bursts of excruciating leads, as an achingly heightened echo to woozy yet powerful ethereal high-strung vocal longings wrapping into an electrified carefree vibe of reckless abandon.

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