WL//WH Track Of The Day: DENMOTHER “Dead Winter”

Track Of The Day  DenMother

For over a decade, initially for a brief period as Orphan | Oliver, Fredericton, Nova Scotia-based music artist Sabarah Pilon, under her alias DenMother, is carving out her own distinctive style of minimalist textural electronica that ceaselessly blurs the lines of ambient, kraut, drone, electro-pop, ethereal and darkwave.

A fascinating and absorbing painful wandering across the fragile crevices of the human heart, brimming with stark yearning and emotional intimacy, “Winter Dead” casts a hypnotic, radiant spell through agony and ecstasy-infused effervescent atmospheric auras, built by gently swelling mesmeric tones of Rhodes, gauzy icy synth sweeps and scattered soft touches of snares and cymbals, that coalesce sublimely beneath hypnotic ethereal vocals as they cascade and decay, fading in and out of cold blissful longing for cold winter night with “the kindest man I know”,

‘There is no more joyous time than mid-February’ after all.

In depressing days after the man from one of your favourite blogs passed away, as well as your iconic Dj/musicians and the world around you is totally alienated, you extremely need the heartfelt spiritual soothing strength of DenMother‘s music.

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