WL//WH Track Of The Day: SCENE NOIR “Black Wedding Day”

 Track Of The Day   SCENE NOIR    

Delving since 2011 into the most visceral and introspective shades of ’80s-tinged Post-punk, Dream Pop and Cold Wave, the Montreal-bred band Scene Noir have refined immersive and intense strains of modern atmospheric Darkwave.

Following Scene Noir’s 2021’s third full-length album “Telegraph”, the Québécois four-piece, comprised of founding members Andrew Velvet (Vocals, Synths, Guitars) and David Brennan (Guitar) along with Aislinn Vaudry (Vocals, Synths) and Kevin Hills (Bass), have just dropped a new EP, “Violent Summer”, via fellow independent label Velouria Recordz.

Three menacing yet seductive, lush yet haunted spectral synth-laden ballads, ruffled by sparse Industrial tinny clangors, shrouded in misty dusks of romance and nostalgia, that wind through cold drum machine sequences, bubbling murky low ends, chilly pain-filled guitar and entrancing desolate keyboards, drifting over morose dim hallways of profound melancholic vocals, to scratch itches of tormented unrequited loves and to spark romantic glimmers on a restless life cloaked in darkness.

Probably the most instantly seductive due to its Eldritchian tones, but the full outcome is absolutely not to be underestimated, “Black Wedding Day” is driven by the punchy metronomic beats of a drum machine, occasionally cut by stark crispy claps, along with broody undulating basslines, to compel the poignant weave between sparkling arpeggiated doomy guitar obsessions and slow swelling forlorn synth sweeps, rambling and sprawling, with enveloping weeping intensity, over ominous stoic baritone vocals, layered with ghostly whispers, to deliver an intimate gothic romance showered in acid rain, guilt and passion.

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