WL//WH Video Of The Day: PRIS “Tisíce očí / Thousands of Eyes”

Video Of The Day Pris

Considered in Czechia as one of the leading bands of the local alternative scene following the release of their debut album “Naše večery” in early 2018, a heady blend of icy synths and sullen emotional guitars, darkwave introspection and post-punk tension, replete with gripping moody and gloomy intensity, Prague based doom pop band, comprised of founders Lukáš Grygar and Tomáš Tkáč plus the new arrival Jonáš Kucharský on drums,  release a thought-provoking non-pictorial video for the first single “Tisíce očí / Thousands of Eyes” taken from the upcoming sophomore album “Kopřivy”, scheduled for a November 11, 2020 release date through Divnosti label.

Ominous throbbing bassline menace pulses amid fearful, anxious male vocal’s heartfelt cry turning into angry, breathless outbursts left treading above the churning martial beats while warm glowing synth swathes sigh sinisterly as the soaring urgent guitar melodies shred into the rambunctious rhythms of relentless terror.

Fear and paranoia erupt from the symbolic lyrics regarding the disconnected state of humanity in relation to modern technology and the environment. Warnings of impending doom come in the form of an apocalypse that will eradicate the lust and imbalance running rampant in society in order to restore beauty to the Earth.

The conceptual video by Jakub Jirka contains an empty screen where black textures lie dormant, waiting for a spectator to project life into the abstract darkness. Smoke rings rise in crisscrossed dimensions, expanding across the daunting sea of graceful consciousness, to awaken the obscure underworld with fragments of illuminated sight. Ripples glisten over waves of silence to extract thought from the breathing medium, birthing an emotional response through mental suggestions and mind’s eye awareness in a simulated cosmic interplay of sensual transformation.