WL//WH Track Of The Day: PLAISIR “Masło Z Solą”

Track Of The Day  Plaisir  

Following the release of their debut EP ”Sap” at the of last year, the Berlin-based shoegaze-infused cold post-punk trio Plaisir, comprised of Camille Haimet (FR / USA), Carla Cixi (IT) e KC Dahlehan (SE), are back with the first single, entitled ”Maslo z Sola” (Polish for ‘Butter & Salt), part of their upcoming album.

At times enveloping and dreamy, as dark and unsettling, the ‘dream fuzzy’, ‘cold gaze, or whatever you want to call it, Plaisir’s enticing sound is a concoction of moody reverb-infused hypnotic guitar textures, crispy drum machines, ominous pulsing post-punkish basslines, frigid synths, all enhanced by magnetic and alluring shifting female vocalizations, that explores fascinating, both caressing and abrasive, multifaced sonic territories still in evolution and yet to be refined, albeit with fresh suggestions of intrigue and attitude.

The lyrics describe an overwhelming daily tension that cripples the senses, but leaves room for hope with the comfort of “Masło Z Solą.”

Constant off-tempo slipping beats fuel a somber, gurgling bass line that sneaks under wandering ripples of haunting, clanging guitar build-up laced with quiet obsessive tension, gently swept by icy gauzy synth and subdued fuzzy reverb expanse, whilst atmospheric layers of low terse, monochromatic vocals, angsty spoken word repetitions, high nervous hums, and indecipherable hypnotic whispers, merge into a paralyzing tapestry of racing thoughts woven together with different personas of anxiety, dread, and escapism.

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