WL//WH Premiere: PRETTY IN PINK Reflect Upon a Bright Shining “Star” of Adoration (Official Music Video)

WL//WH PREMIERE  Pretty In Pink

Started as the D.I.Y. home-recording project of musician and composer Claire McCarthy from the ‘ocean pop’ threesome Heart Beach, originally from Tasmania, after a first s/t album in 2021, rife with endearing minimal yet straightforward melodic simplicity, Melbourne-based Pretty In Pink (PIP), soon evolved into a ‘lo-fi-post-punk-party-pop’ trio with the addition of Lauren Mason (guitar) and Elliot Taylor (bass/drums), are approaching the band’s sophomore LP “Pillows”, due out next September as a co-release between Hidden Bay Records, Little Lunch, and Subjangle.

WL//WH is very pleased to premiere the soul-stirring audiovisual experience directed by Mayzie Cocco Wallen, for Pretty In Pink‘s second single “Star”.

“Star” is a reflection on friendship and family relationships-how we understand those closest to us through our own experience and how our perspectives and identity are shaped by those interactions-like a universe of enigmatic stars admiring one another.

Reminiscent of Marine Girls’ electro-acoustic bittersweet spareness, Star winds a nostalgic and intimate outpouring of sad strummed guitar sheen, and sparse tinkling spindly wistful melodies, counterpointed by sonorous organic bass palpitations, to brush a shifting breeze of introspective moving contemplation underlying a rousing, fragile and heartfelt dual vocal interplay, delivering a goodbye to a loved one before a cathartic separation. 

Shot on location across Melbourne by Sam Black, Michael Fox, and Dahlia during the beautiful Springtime, the vibrant, thought-provoking visuals set the perfect backdrop for the adventurous friendship of Claire McCarthy and Lauren Mason, whose casual park conversations and endless nighttime fascinations sync seamlessly with the devotional vibes of the soundtrack. A colorful surreal aesthetic of blurry transition scenes, personal reflections, and rich symbolic hues manifest the deep lyrical sentiments whilst well-put-together fashions, intimate expressions, and engaging hang-out spots pull the viewer into the hopes and dreams of a unique shared relationship.

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