WL//WH Video of the Day : WRONG BODY “Slip Away”

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Vienna based Austrian electronic composer Dino Spiluttini is used to experimenting with dark, melancholic yet dramatic and immersive ambient and drone sonic manipulations through various labels like Phinery, Umor Rex, No Rent RecordsSacred Phrases, Home Normal over the last years.  Just few weeks ago he released a new tape, titled “Ceremony”, on London’s imprint ACR.

Wrong Body is his new ‘Goth Crooner Pop’ project with a debut cassette full-length, through fellow Viennese label Cut Surface, up to slide into the world’s tape decks on Jan, 25th!

The visuals for the single “Slip Away”, originally part of Cut Surface‘s “Compilation B” out last end of August in a slightly different version, have been dropped few days ago.

Undulating synth pads and repetitive melodic structures soar to piercing heights as soft erratic beats flow into a sea of mystery as latent, pained, baritone exhalations of despair, isolation, and strangely hope fill the air. Swells of soothing orchestral strings float along the electronic current creating a hypnotic, peaceful, and relaxing atmosphere to comfort a troubled soul.

A song about love, abandonment, and hope. Unloved and deserted a man with an, “iron will” opens his heart, albeit apprehensively, and trusts again in this heartwarming tale of loss, agony, and comfort.

The accompanied video, filmed by Edward Trethowan, is a simple yet brilliant shot of a remote puddle in a vast barren forest. The camera pans in as reflections and shadows of trees in the swampy terrain eventually submerge into the murky waters revealing more questions than answers; adhering to the tranquility, solitude, and subtlety of the song.

The cohesiveness of words, instruments, and visuals is not glaringly obvious, but is unmistakably inconspicuous in this entertaining enigma.

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