WL//WH Track Of The Day: MISFORTUNE DEEP “A Purple Kiss”

Track Of The Day  Misfortune Deep

Freshly signed to São Paulo based independent label Systemica, Misfortune Deep is a Nothern Brazilian music project from Manau, Amazonia, ‘inspired by the melodic synth-pop of the 80s, but with a dark weight to it’, featuring composer and synthetist Augusto Batcave, with whom we already got acquainted as one half of darkwave duo Lost Lenore, bassist Roberth Fernandes and singer Lanna Areque.

Even if there is nothing especially innovative or daring in the brand new single, “A Purple Kiss”, yet that’s hardly the band’s purpose, the immersive blend of seductive, atmospheric and neon-lit electro-pop groove, retro hypnotic bouncing rhythms and enveloping, emotive glossy synth chords over wistful vocals make for a riveting listen, showing also a marked improvement in terms of production quality.

Spiritual lyrics awaken the body and soul into the wonderous consciousness of a free mind.

Driving lashing beats and crunchy claps pound along with stuttering bassline, washed with the slow hazy smearing glow of chiming emotive synth floats and wistful tinkling chords around beautifully serene yet melancholic female vocals to release long airy breaths of hope and euphoria into the dazzling glimmers of eventide.

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