WL//WH Video Of The Day: ADAM USI “Farce”

Video Of The Day  Adam Usi  

Augsburg-based, German Minimal Dark Pop artist Adam Usi returns with a wintery Music Video by Alessandra Morphosita, featuring actress Laura Braun, for the new hit single “Farce”, taken from the upcoming full-length album “Censored Selfharm” via Young and Cold Records.

“A sad pandemic winter depression emotional binge-drinking breakup song for lost souls.”

Dark, profound melancholy weaves icy, cinematic synth melodies with off-tempo thudding beats and low bass frequencies to glow ceremoniously around dramatic forlorn male vocals rising and falling with soul-stirring intensity, cascading hopelessly within breathless memories to build a shattered dream.

An ode to lost love sends shivers down the spine, as the lyrics were written with such a fine eye for detail only a Romantic Bard could capture the intense agony lying between a mercurial spirit’s aloof sensibilities and a misunderstood Romeo, whose painful regrets burn in a hellish whirlwind of inflamed passion.

Immersive video captures a solitary walk through a bleak snowy urban graffiti lined landscape to reflect on the cold somber moods of heartbreak. Intimate flashbacks swept in symbolism, literary references, and emotional turmoil merge with a frigid, introspective outing to form a haunted spectre-like vestige plagued by surreal visions, blurring time and essence into a brooding spiral of love, loss, and pain.

“FARCE” will be released as a strictly limited tape edition single along the B-Side “Woke Up Unlucky”, available on preorder via Adam Usi’s Bandcamp.

Adam Usi will play tomorrow Saturday evening on livestream at Jugendzentrum villa – Stadtjugendring Augsburg.

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