WL//WH Track Of The Day: PERPETUAL VOID “The Sea”

Track Of The Day Perpetual Void

Brand new elusive solo project of singer/guitarist Graeme Gray from Glasgow, Scotland, Perpetual Void carves a path between ambient and shoegaze in his first single “The Sea”.

Built around harmonically resonant yet delicate interweaving of dense guitar textures and tinkling synthetic saturations, seamlessly stirring between suffused ethereal hazy ambience and nostalgic reverb-laden shoegaze echoes of sun-dazzled brilliance, amidst the reiteration of constantly drifting mesmeric glistening guitar melodies, rippled by deep currents of sadness, vaguely sailing through the reverberating dreamy realms that envelop in soft expanding stratifications, underlined by the mute lilting shimmer of restrained rhythmic patterns, whilst calm, emotionally soothing vocals ebb and flow in a harmonious rapture, diving into the endless sea of painful emotions.

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