WL//WH Track Of The Day: BRING HER “The Last The Worst”

Track Of The Day   BRING HER

After taking their usual pondering pause between one work and another, since the energizing s/t debut LP in 2019, the self-dubbed “Sorrow Wave” duo Bring Her, hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, are back with the first single, “The Last The Worst”, taken from the band’s upcoming sophomore album, Comfort In The Shame”, due out on August 19, 2022, via fellow label/collective Knife Hits Records.

Bring Her delivers a depressed, emotional-laden, murky sound set in cracking martial drum machines, hypnotic, stabbing guitar strains, and cold spooky synthesizers to emphasise tormented groans and agonizing wails, casting thick alienated mists of anger and despair.

The first taste, “The Last The Worst”, ratchets the band’s intrinsic intensity with gruelling claustrophobic power adding industrial percussive undertones to a tight and throbbing slab of punky Darkwave, unleashing a rampant, bleak and obsessive sonic vortex rife with an unnerving and hypnotizing concoction of urgent punchy beats, rumbling distorted guitars and droning synths, to anxiously encompass haunted vocals dropping magnetic breathless moans, menacing echoes, and sinister cries into a relentless rise of looming doom.

Bring Her‘s forthcoming second full-length, Comfort In The Shame”, is slated for release, Cassette & Digital, on August 19, 2022, through fellow label/collective Knife Hits Records.

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photo by @thatartiststanley