WL//WH Video Of The Day: ROSI “Feel The Same”

Video Of The Day  ROSI

Bielefeld, Germany „Sad Dance Band“ ROSI, made up of Sven Rosenkötter (Vocals, Lyrics, Arrangements, Synthesisers) and Mirco Rappsilber (Guitars, Arrangements, Synthesisers, Bassguitars), stay true to their Post-Punk roots while bringing a new perspective to the heavily textured and atmospheric Shoegazing new single “Feel The Same” via, Disentertainment. 

A Surreal DIY video directed and edited by Sven Rosenkötter himself enhances the dark and dreamy vibes of the soundtrack to submerge the viewer into a nocturnal wall of sound experience.

Raw, heartbroken, and vulnerable lyrics beg to absorb and understand the pain another feels when looking into their eyes.

A disorienting stirring of reverb-soaked mists enshroud slowly swirling dazzling synth drones, bouncy and slicing resounding spirals and distorted echoes, slow dragging and tinny beats along with pulsing isolated bass tones to cloud the duality of depth defying vocal distortions, brooding in the numb fear and high anxiety of a guilty conscious, whilst distant, delayed guitar squeals amplify in warm swathes of aching melancholy to form a surreal universe of shameful regret.

Red and blue stage lights pulse in sync with the hypnotic soundtrack, distorting reality with shifting perceptions over an alluring, lysergic set. Intimate eye contact cloaked behind darkness and shades contorts a woozy warehouse performance with murky deceptions and hidden tears, amid universal symbols of romance and passion playing beneath the cool, aloof surface of shadowy dread.

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