WL//WH Track Of The Day: PROPTER HOC “Days of Being Wild”

Track Of The Day  PROPTER HOC

Scottish Borders bred, Glasgow-based artist under the ‘latinorum’ alias Propter Hoc (because of this) delves into a broad spectrum of influences spanning from Bowie/Iggy Berlin era, 80’s post-punk /new wave, Italo and Hi-NRG Disco to present-day darkwave, to craft an elegant and heady blend of icy, dark and danceable synth-laden electronic pop laced with goth-tinged melancholy, introspection and sorrow echoing iconic acts such as Psyche, Fad Gadget, Soft Cell and so on.

Propter Hoc has just released the second single, “Days of Being Wild”, taken from the forthcoming debut album, “Blood Moon”, due out on September 9th, marked by a generalized seething mood of impending doom cloaked in the cold chill of synthesisers, with confessional lyrics that brood in toxic shadows of anger, injustice, and retribution.

Dancing crackling beats together with a buzzing, ominous bassline bouncing and swaying relentlessly into the obsessed, dark and eerie air, haunted by high solemn ceremonial hums, whilst a pile of austere synth chimes and buzzing flashing chords resound atop dead menacing male vocals carving wicked, ominous moods of power, apathy, and jealousy into a sinister smouldering path of revenge.

Second, third, if we included an additional one on Soundcloud, consistent and compelling song in a row, let’s wait for the full length…

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