WL//WH Track Of The Day: EUTROPIC “Pieces”

Track Of The Day Eutropic 

Swiss analog synth-obsessed avant pop trio based out of Bern, Eutropic have just dropped “Pieces”, the lead single from their 3rd mini-EP “Day”, taken from the forthcoming debut album “Dark Age Day Dream” on London’s Aztec Records.

A soulful and captivating synth-pop number suspended between moods at times cold and ominous, at times conveyor of a lively urgent and euphoric vitality, enhanced by existential poetic baritone musings inspired by Terry Pratchett‘s philosophical novel “Thief of Time”.

“Pieces” leans towards a dizzying spiral of 80s-dusted, mysteriously rumbling bassline, counterpointed by ominous gurgling throbs, lustrous synthesizer chimes, radiant airy swirls, lush flourishes and skipping rhythms to blend in entranced glittering brightness, while bubbling in obscure energy through an overflow of lush tones unsettled by awe-struck uneasiness, whilst intense, dramatic breathless baritone, croon, quiver, and sway rich heartfelt explosions of blissful abandon.

Eutropic mini-EP “Day” will be available from November 20th, via London’s imprint Aztec Records.

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by Patrick Frischknecht