WL//WH Track Of The Day: RICHIE FILTH “Disappear”

Track Of The Day  RICHIE FILTH  

We highlighted at the start of the year the velvety gothic seductive first single by Portland OR based solo project Richie Filth, who returns with “Disappear” to “continue my use of a Bass VI as a lead instrument and further exploration of my early to mid-1980s Goth/ Post-Punk-inspired sound”.

Inspired by the controversial, at the time censored, mid-70s Japanese erotic art film “Ai No Korîda (In the Realm of the Senses)” by maestro director Nagisa Ōshima, a bewitching study about the interweaving between sex and death, “Disappear”, lyric-wise, relates to a dark temptress with a dangerous past who ignites the lust and passion of an adoring soul, whose only concern is to get lost in a moment of  pleasure.

A heartfelt and pensive harmonious fusion of shadowy, Cure-sque somber atmospherics, and steady lashing rhythmic patterns drive a brooding pulsing bassline, meandering along with profoundly melancholic echoing twinkling guitar strains, to engrave a vibrant emotive bleeding path of alluring pain, through desolate gauzy synth veils, to envelope soft, mesmerized vocals, longing and aching for an intoxicating hypnosis of fantastical desire.

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