WL//WH Track Of The Day : PAWNS “The Gallows (Anatomy Remix)”

Track Of The Day

It’s remix fever ultimately in the post-punk camp and when the results are so addictive like in this case, is very welcome.

New York‘s anarcho-punk meets deathrock band Pawns, surely one of the most genuine and refreshing act around, with their highly bouncy melodic bass lines and reverberating vibrating vocals, best fits the remix treatment and who else but their bassist Jenna Rose under his solo moniker Anatomy?

Part of the Pawns‘ curated “Cvlt Nation 7th Anniversary Mixtape”, and right around the celebration of the 35 years of the seminal New Order’s “Blue Monday”, which in turn was influenced by a couple of late 70’s revolutionary Sylvester/Donna Summer disco anthems, to be more accurate because of pioneer producers Patrick Cowley and Giorgio Moroder, “The Gallows” is transformed in the same brand of electropop magic, more dark, minimal and stripped-down, with hypnotic steady synthetic beats and deadly addictive melodic and throbbing synth sequenced bass lines you wish it would never end, just dance.

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