WL//WH Track Of The Day : CARLO ONDA “Shadows In The Night”

Track Of The Day Carlo Onda

Brand new solo project by Swiss musician/producer Carlo Onda based in St. Gallen, with a long-standing soft spot for synths and drum machines, and frankly influenced by the Post-Punk, Minimal-Wave and Dark Wave of the 80’s, he has just shared a string of equally effective 6 tracks.

Melancholy and gloom permeate the entirety of “Shadows In The Night”, driven by robotic beats, hypnotic, evocative synth lines and brooding guitar leads interwoven with melodic motifs, to inject an understated and truly epic dark quality, emphasised by deep haunting vocals, strengthened by female echoes, creating an intense, modern and distinctive take on the ’80s influenced synth-laden post-punk.

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