WL//WH Video Of The Day: VIOFLESH “Mirage”

Video Of The Day  VIOFLESH

Formed in the February of 2017, with four albums and several EPs under their belt,  Santiago, Chile’s dynamic Synth Pop duo Vio Valenzuela & Flesh AKA Vioflesh have released a symbolic video for the bewitching song “Mirage,” taken from the band’s latest early August EP The Time.”

“Mirage” lyrics absorb another’s pain whilst bewildered by a fantasy of manipulation and illusions.

Dire restless neon textures drive ominous stomping bouncy beats, anxious asymmetric synth stabs, and low rumbling bass lines into a dramatic dissociative domain around lost, fearful female vocals, hopelessly diving through depth-defying echoes of helpless fear amid subtle, stinging bursts and swirling zippy effects to disturb discomforting energies with striking somber swells of downward frequencies.

The sepia-tinged video casts a strange inter-dimensional curiosity over a lonely explorer whose walk through the city leads to an unexpected discovery of self. Sinister shape-shifting moods loom drearily above an edgy black-clad soul while dystopic graffiti-tagged urban architectures and skewed, murky sunrays construct a subconscious flow of motion, to conjure an expanded awareness from the inverse universe of the fabled looking glass reflection.

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