WL//WH Video Premiere: CORRECTIONS “Coronary Eyes”

WL//WH Video Premiere Corrections

Some of you could recall when we talked, early in the year, about the post-punk-charged debut full-length, “Projection”, via Icy Cold Records, by CORRECTIONS, the originally self-appointed moniker for East London based, Australian singer-songwriter Sam Nicholas.

Possibly breathing surf since his early days in his native Far North Queensland, in the same way he’s surfing in search of the ‘perfect wave’, more appropriately ‘beat’ in this case, or even better his very own musical identity, relentlessly walking on the line between shoegaze, new wave, and post-punk, Nicholas, recently enriched by precious production duties with artists such as Memphis-based noise-rocker Your Gaze and fellow Londoner synth-popper Flower Vision, has finally set up a full powerband along with Lukas Jakubenas on bass and Constantine Chatziviltsos (aka Flower Vision) on guitar.

Corrections‘ sophomore album “Simply Activity” was soon announced, due out next February 7, 2020, for what promises to be his ‘shinier and more compact’, multi-facet and satisfying release to date, ‘with ground-relegated roaming and nestled into a shiny R.E.M.-tinged chrysalis in sought of sky-bound sound’.

Photo by Patrick Smith

Poetically minimal lyrics consider loves blind obsession and the self-deceptive elements at play through contrasts of emotion, nature, and existence. Feelings of pleasure and pain stimulate and soothe like the cold winter wind on the warm temperate sea at surf time, breathing life into sensual memories, and death into the inexplicable, dire end.

The 80s-inflected “Coronary Eyes”, introduced by droning pitches, uncoils sturdy yet nimble drumbeats along with sinuously deep pulsing and humming bassline to underpin jaunty sparkling strums and reverberating crystalline jangly arpeggios whilst eerie, frozen synth chords flow wandering with rising glowing intensity, around ecstatically ringing, nostalgic vocals, lost in longing, regret, and joy, through a winsome and dizzying head rush of sweetly sorrowed pain.

The trippy, slightly lysergic, visuals, created by Paul Rhodes of Your Gaze, are wrapped in a sequence of dynamic black and white juxtapositions, washed in vibrant color, flashing between dream-like forms of carefree freedom and hypnotic abstractions bleeding pain, before a pleasant ride down the highway of love is eclipsed by dark menacing clouds, gusting harrowing winds, changing the direction yet again.

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Photo by Patrick Smith