WL//WH Track Of The Day: ZUDPÖL “Karelia”

Track Of The Day  ZUDPÖL

Hailing from Buenos Aires, Zudpöl is the new project by [S], the mastermind behind the Occult /Neo-Classical /Industrial /Dark Folk act Kazeria.

The Argentinian musician delivers his debut single, “Karelia”, via fellow independent label No Me Escucho Records, at the same time somberly danceable and profoundly melancholic, cloaked in a wintry and immersive ambience of obscure oppression and angsty sorrow, strewn with glances of hope.

Sad, wistful, and introspective melodies are drawn with the use of atmospheric synthesizers, rattled by the crisp and stark rumbles of the drum machines, to create a fascinating combination of 80s-inspired Coldwave, Post-Punk and Minimal-Wave aesthetics, rife with mist, claustrophobia, and decadent yet romantic Cold War recollections.

The heartfelt lyrics describe fond memories in Karelia, the Russian border region next to Finland, where Summer sunsets and military missiles cast endless horizons in beauty and terror.

Introduced by the historical “New Year’s Address to the People” read by ‘comrade’ Brezhnev for the first time on Public TV, calling for the unity of the peoples of the USSR, mechanical syncopated rhythms with subtly expansive droning low-ends, hypnotically drive forsaken reedy synths flows, drifting across a freezing empty space, imbued with whirring poignant elegiac scope, whilst chilly, shivering vocals, shrouded by distant haunted cries, release dismal monochromatic moods laced with bittersweet nostalgia.

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  1. No Me Escucho Records 11th November 2022