WL//WH Video Of The Day : SPOON GOD “Lakeshore”

Video Of The Day

French duo Spoon God, made up of Sébastien Guillier (vocals, machines, programming) and Hervé Gudin (guitars), after a self-produced debut single “Teenage Death Gang” at the start of the years, are ready to drop, the next Autumn, a 6-track EP “Dead Hipsters”, blending together an intoxicating brew of driving darkly post-punk, atmospheric dream-pop, mystic psychedelia and hazy shoegaze.

Spoon God‘s music is a solid and brilliantly written and executed dark guitar pop with anything revolutionary, but what is immediately striking is that all their influences fit like two puzzle pieces in such a cohesive way comparisons are hidden unlike many contemporary bands.

“Lakeshore”, stuffed to the brim with melody and emotions, starts with a cloudy grey atmosphere slowly blending into clarity and hope, permeated by superb swirling spirals of reverberated shoegazing guitars mixed with post-punkish pulsing bass, filling synth and pounding drums. The impressive deeply emotional and soaring vocals beautifully depict his feelings of disbelief at his own oblivion of the past and hope for future, leaving the listener in a meditative blissed out state.

I was listening to whole EP in advance the other day… I feel like many more will definitely notice the bright talent of Spoon God.

Check out the naturalistic video, shot in Siberia, directed by Marie-Noëlle Brun, significantly ending with an scene of a placid lake with a bright unchanging sun, in contrast to the turbulent unfocused cloudly beginning.

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