WL//WH Track Of The Day: BEAN SÍ “Nyctophobia”

Track Of The Day   BEAN SÍ

Authors of seemingly the most intense and compelling song from last week, Bean Sí, modern Irish for “Banshee”, is a new synth-driven Dark Wave duo based in Dublin, who has just dropped their debut single “Nyctophobia”, a word of Ancient Greek origin that means “extreme fear of the dark”.

A stirring concoction of impassioned aching vocals, blankets of swirling synths, sombre melody-carrying bass throbbings, and retro-fueled pounding drum machines, theirs is a minimal and propulsive dark sound that draws from the moody and brooding 80s past, brimming with a renewed dynamism and visceral energy, steeped in raw painful emotions and frantic heartfelt passion, to strike a fine balance between sad melody and edgy bite that hook you in.

“Nyctophobia” is laced with helpless lyrics that observe a loved one lost in a toxic pool of suffering, fear, and despair.

Swishing FX instigates urgent punchy beats to pulse with synth-charged sweeping melancholic energy, drifting in an airy glaring path of forsaken despair, interweaving with rambling, crisp vibrating bassline poignancy, around slightly husky, angsty vocals, gasping in dire breathless obsessions, amid deep haunting backup echoes, to spin downwards into a dark and daunting dimension of doubt and dread.

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