WL//WH Video Of The Day: TRAGIC BLACK “Nothing Helps” (Official Video)

Video Of The Day  TRAGIC BLACK

Founded at the start of the ’00s, Salt Lake City, Utah-based band Tragic Black had the quality and somehow the boldness to gradually add to their proudly Old School Gothic Deathrock sound, reminiscent of Christian Death, diverse elements mined from electronica, industrial, punk, and hard-rock.

Tragic Black return seven years after their latest LP, “Nostalgia”, as an edgy power trio, made of the two founder members Vision (Vocals, Programming, Lyrics), and Vyle (Bass, Back-up Vox, Programming) along with Stitch (Guitar, Back-up Vox), to announce their new 7th 12-track studio album, “Unsightly Visitations”,  scheduled for release July 21, 2023, paired with a mesmeric video by Ailyn Regala for the third track “Nothing Helps”, rife with classic Deathrock vibes.

A propulsive anthemic slice of melodic Dark Punk, ala T.S.O.L of “Darker my love”, erupts with a fury of sinister doom-laden high-energy through heavy buzzing and swarming guitar riffage mists, around thundering bass lines, rapid thumping drum beats, and restless shredding vocal urgency, to manifest the hellish lyric dystopia where “Nothing Helps” the overwhelming pain, illness, and death inflicted on an agonized soul by an oppressive top-down system.

Evocative visuals by Ailyn Regala capture a dramatic dungeon performance by Tragic Black to sync seamlessly with the socio-economic bondage theme of the soundtrack. Graffiti-lined underground scenes alternate with dim red lights, macabre props, and dark occult symbols to set the stage for an eerie influx of Gothic-clad propaganda under the shapeshifting shadows of suggestion and dread.

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Photo by Ailyn