WL//WH Video Of The Day: POVOD “Очень сомнительная любовь / Very Dubious Love”

Video Of The Day Povod

Hailing from Zaporozhye, Ukraine alternative 4-piece Povod have just debuted with their first 5-track EP ‘Китч / Kitch’, a heady and powerful mix of plaintive shoegaze distortion and post-punk gloomy strain, peppered with garage and grunge undertones and sharp punk attitude.

The band have dropped a DIY music video for the noisy guitar-driven song “Очень сомнительная любовь / Very Dubious Love”.

Extremely stinging, scorching and reverberating guitar chords pierce and scrape the restless dusky atmosphere interwoven with rumbling meandering bassline, and fueled by vigorous, punchy drum beats, while caustically expressive female vocals, squeal and howl sassy teases igniting a crashing, chaotic craze of abrasive stringed noise and tension.

“Very Dubious Love” is an angry tirade vowing to find, silence, and kill a lover without leaving any trace behind as, “I will kill you, I love you.”

A platinum blonde bobs to the punky beat with a “too cool” attitude on point with matte red lips, androgyne attire, and blinder shades while neon glitch distortions blur, rotate, and expand laser light waves into a dizzying time-lapse dimension. Split-screen and negative photography perform kaleidoscopic dissections, double vision decapitations, and unique guitar neck contraptions as a mock assassination gesture points in the unlucky direction of a masked man.