WL//WH Track Of The Day: NOROMAKINA “Nada”

Track Of The Day  Noromakina

Formed in 2020, Colombian electronic duo based in Bogotà, Noromakina, comprised of Mel UV and Pluszeichen, create magnetic and melancholic strains of retro-tinged, analog synth-laced darkwave with gloomy post-punk tones, swaying between driving dancing rhythms, ominous oscillating bass throbs, icy shadowy synths and hypnotic vocals, replete with electrifying fiery dark energy and angsty forlorn emotions.

The pair have just dropped the brand new 2-track EP “Umbra” via German independent label COLD TRANSMISSION MUSIC.

Unlike its title, the energetic and frenzy opening “Dark” is characterized by off-kilter bright synths, chugging rhythms and computer games effects, while “Nada” is otherwise colder and deadly emotional, lyric-wise diving into the dark psychological realms of depression to explore the alienating and self-destructive tendencies that can arise.

Anchored by a busy bouncy bass-line gurgling along with steady mechanical snare beats, desolately interspersed by an increasingly blinking string of wistful keyboard chords and sparse whipping claps, as anxious distorted male vocals fade into restless echoes, pierced by a surge of searing reverberations, falling hypnotically into a black pool of regret and agony.

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