WL//WH Premiere: PEPPY PEP PEPPER “Momentum” [Modern Tapes]

WL//WH Premiere  Peppy Pep Pepper

A familiar name for all the connoisseurs of the contemporary minimal synth scene for the past few years, Vienna based synth artist Violet Candide, both as one half of Mitra Mitra and Violetiger, as well as with her solo project, Peppy Pep Pepper, has relentlessly shown a distinctive neon-lit elegance and charm combining aloof nostalgic melody, introspective melancholy and at the same time simmering dancing energy.

The upcoming 11-track album “Forced Distance“ is Peppy Pep Pepper‘s second release with Brooklyn-based independent label Modern Tapes, after a couple of previous self-produced tapes, further pushing the high standard set with the distinct songwriting steely production of 2020‘s “Granny Chic”.

WL//WH is pleased to Premiere the equally immersive and seductive dystopic track “Momentum”

an intoxicating concoction of droning and warbling bass tones swim hypnotically through the crushing anxiety of desolate sultry synth strains, amidst sharp punchy beats, scattered by off-tempo knocking percussive dimensions, to form all-enveloping surges of glowing lava-like flows around the magnetic pull of sensual spoken-word female vocals releasing isolation and fear into the electric cold urban grids of futile dreams.

PEPPY PEP PEPPER 11-track album “Forced Distance“ is due June 25, 2021, on Cassette & Digital, with digital- distribution via The Orchard to the usual suspects in addition to the Modern Tapes Bandcamp.

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