WL//WH Track Of The Day : Deus Faust : “Forever or You”

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One of the better aspects of the web is definitely to have the precious opportunity to listen to bands/artists from all over the world and to start music collaborations spanning different continents.

Exactly Deus Faust is the name of a trans- Atlantic collaborative project between interdisciplinary artist André Savetier from Košice, Slovakia and synthesist Raymond Nelson from Sebago Lake, Maine, resulting in a fresh debut 7-track mini-album entitled “What I Saw”.

Nelson started experimenting with his machines two years ago in his lakeside studio. With a shelf full of instrumental songs he felt the need for a lyricist and vocalist to give a complete sense to them. A chance encounter on a social network led him to André Savetier who was working on his solo neofolk project Tenebris Obortis along hosting his YouTube show called “The Wave of Things.” Their mutual love for the new wave / post-punk / dark synth of the 80’s encouraged them to start to writing songs together, the introspective lyrics and intense voice of Savatier were a perfect fit with the dark and evocative synth textures of Raymond, Deus Faust was born…

With its cryptic lyrics meant to inspire personal interpretations and wistful feelings, the industrial-tinged “Forever or You” starts with a slow eerie quivering neo-classical intro that leads to sensual and mysterious melodies, barely audible chanted hums, arcane seductive sound earworms and hypnotic ritualistic rhythms, creating a wall of tension and melancholia penetrated by the gentle, charismatic, irresistible vocals about longing, love and loss.

Unrequited love causes friction begging the question: What hurts worse missing someone or pretending not to?

A cohesive, melodious, passionate debut that shines with bygone wavey melodies and vibrant electronics, switching from atmospheric to poignant moments with ease and creativity, absolutely far from any form of sterile revivalism, pulsating with timeless sombre emotions. You’ll feel deeply moved.

The accompanied video in hues of red and black portrays the eternal flame of love in it’s various stages. Smoke and shadows further the mystery ending with the famous quote from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s ‘Faust’ : “What I possess seems far away to me/ and what is gone becomes reality.”

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