WL//WH Track Of The Day: CAPUT MEDUSAE “Kiss Me Deadly”

Track Of The Day Caput Medusae 

Germany based, European darkwave band Caput Medusae, comprised of Tina Mar (vox, guitar, bass) & Stefan Scott (vox, keyboards), leave aside the Latin terms for the brand new sophomore single “Kiss Me Deadly”, and this time it’s the bewitching deceptively dreamy yet obscure voice of Tina that takes center stage.

The duo deliver an intense and dark synth-laden wave sound, melancholic and moody, yet sneakily seductive and disturbing, that hints at the restless, depressive moods and elegance of the early inception of 80s UK New Wave, like 4AD’s bands like Clan Of Xymox and Modern English, and more recently my fellow citizens Frozen Autumn and Kirlian Camera, ripe with boundless romanticism, painful introspection, and poignant and enticing charm.

“Kiss Me Deadly” stirs up brisk lashing snare beats, with off-tempo and cymbal-charged twists, that intertwine with skipping, rumbling low ends, cadenced by clicking clangs and tinkly chords, while awash by icy bright breezes of synth gloom, to echo shattered dreams of affliction and longing, imbued in sad, overwhelmed female vocals, releasing toxic breathe of hopeless obsession, amid sparse hypnotic male wanderings, to breed unsettling wishes of death.

A genuinely deep and eerily enshrouding atmosphere, absolutely for utterly engaging listening.

Caput Medusae‘s limited 2-track 7″ vinyl single “Kiss Me Deadly” is available for pre-order on the band’s Bandcamp.

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