WL//WH Video Of The Day : H. Grimace ‘Lipsyncer’

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London-based four-piece H. Grimace is one of the best alternative post-punk band around, no doubts about that, witty, raw, modern and elegant at the same time.

‘Lipsyncer’ is taken from the band’s brilliant April’s debut album ‘Self Architect’ via Opposite Number label, possibly the song with the stronger 90’s feel built on the sharp abrasive surf-tinged Marcus Brown guitar lines intertwined with the distinctive and sensual vocals of the Australian Hannah Gledhill, a revisited fresh modern version with the infectious stop-start dynamics and fantastic melodic hooks, of the celebrated Black Francis/Kim Deal unique chemistry, the same empathy and involvement supported by a tight rhythm section, provided by bassist Corin Johnson and drummer Diago Gomes, and incisive and thoughful lyrics, that provokes, captures, and dazzles your senses beyond the tense and brooding finale.

Check out the video directed by Kris Rimmer, inspired by the lyrics, about the dangerous duality between private and public life created by the social media,  the pressure on ‘young men or women attempting to replicate something they aspire to be’

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Opposite Number

Written by Fabrizio Lusso