WL//WH New Music: SANG FROID “Proudly Ruining Yourself” (Official Video)

New Music Sang Froid

After having already grabbed the attention of Mike on the occasion of the first Self Titled EP in 2021, the Nantes-based Coldwave / Gothic Rock trio, made up of T.C. (lyrics, vocals), J.J.S. (guitars, bass, synths), both members of Black Metallers Regarde Les Hommes Tomber and BEN NOTOX (keyboards, programming) from Darkwave/Metal act The Veil, have dropped over the weekend the anticipated debut studio album, “All​-​Nighter”, via Frozen Records, teased by a music video by Rom Snare, for the opening track “Proudly Ruining Yourself”.

Simmering on the edge of an explosion, the song injects dark and grave moods into an antsy and frenetic weave of relentless buzzing, trembling bass blows, hard stomping drum beats, spiraling synths, and ominously abrasive guitar riffs laced with echoing piercing strains, amid a haunting vocal interplay, layering harrowing baritone broods with dire seething cries to decry, through a resentful sea of anger and judgment, death to another.

Cinematic visuals directed by Rom Snare star Yoram Varganyi as a lost soul looking for trouble or, perhaps, friendship with co-stars Dolorès and Alain Mt, on his last night out, whilst an unexpected ending leaves the viewer heartbroken and breathless. A busy urban backdrop sets the stage for an emotional experience where evocative acting and an on-point black leather-clad exterior sync perfectly with the brazen vibes of the soundtrack.

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photo by @simongrumeau