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New Music Sang Froid

Sang Froid

On January 8, 2021, this new entry post-punk trio let out their first cast of shadows with a brilliant debut S/T EP. Ladies and Gents, here is Sang Froid from the city of Nantes in France; comprised of TC (vocals), JJS (guitars, bass, synths), and Ben Notox (keyboards, programming), the gang managed to include in only three yet striking indeed songs, their whole sonic worldview. A debut little record that shines like a precious black marble from all angles. The official video of ‘Psalms Of The Great Void’ (track #1 of the record) was released a bit earlier, on January 4, and besides that, I’d like you to focus on its lyrics (please), I openly challenge you to pump up the volume of your engines. Let’s go, and I have more after that!

How cool and a solid post-punk tune was that! Everything in here shouts a “morbid pureness”, from the creeping guitars to the narrative preacher on the microphone, and the rest of the battery with the guy on the bass who keeps all things tight and safe during the route, Sang Froid (Cold Blood) gave me the best happy-post-punk-new-year, yes!

SF plays with that delicious toxin as if they were an already established name in the scene. They sound so confident in all three songs of the record, they sound as if there is no tomorrow for them, as they also sound fearless with their music. The new generation of post-punk-international is looking way ahead and beyond and through the old mountains of new wave music. I am excited, we will never fade away!

Our friends from Nantes blend their music with the French-Style-Coldwave elements and with a good sense from the also gothic rock heritage they created one surprisingly amazing cocktail, it is that “toxin” I was telling you before: try ‘Oversee And Kill’, and then die with ‘Heavy Sleep Heavy Heart’, you’re gonna love it. Here we are, please welcome Sang Froid in the pitch and I hope they will amaze you too, they perform the void!!!

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Written by Loud Cities’ Mike