Video Of The Day: KAI TAK “Waste It (Sai Kung)” ft. Chelsey Boy

Video Of The Day  KAI TAK ft. Chelsey Boy

Hailing from Los Angeles, Kai Tak is the new collaborative solo project of musician Chris King, guitarist and producer of synth-laced post-punkers Cold Showers.
The electronically immersive and mesmeric trip-hop-tinged “Waste It” is the first demo single, written with collaborator Chelsey Boy, put together predominantly through Facetime and File transfers in the weeks leading up to quarantine, paired with the visuals created by multimedia artist Paige Emery.

Ominously steady grinding percussive friction mechanically encroaches over deep sinuous gloomy bassline and heavy sedate punchy drumbeats, as sad, soulfully heartfelt vocals soar and tremble in torn emotional intensity, amid penetrating poignant synth melodies forming an urgent tempo, left dragging its feet through painful memories.

Confessional lyrics unravel psychological patterns of betrayal, self-deception, and toxic love so irresistible, “You got me coming undone, baby.”

Pale monochromatic sketch of an aeroplane set against an abstract overlay of abrasive motion stirs discomforting curiosity as the impending doom mood of the soundtrack churns forward in sync with dynamic colour transformations projected over the image.
Interpretive illusions of smoke, sparks, and lightning creep and flash intermittently over the static backdrop using shadows, zoom lens, and time-lapse sequences to change the dramatic setting before disappearing completely into darkness.

Kai Tak is currently working on a debut LP that will feature collaborations with different artists on every song, written as a sonic love letter to 1980s/1990s British era Hong Kong.

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