WL//WH New Music: GOOD MORNING TV “Insomniac” (Official Video)

New Music Good Morning TV

Four years after the debut self-titled EP on Requiem pour un Twister Records, Good Morning TV, French ‘weird pop’ collaborative project created in 2015 by singer/songwriter Bérénice Deloire along with producer Barth Bouveret, have dropped the new single “Insomniac”, taken from their forthcoming debut album “Small Talk” to be released in Early 2021 via GÉOGRAPHIE Records.

Equally introspective and ethereal as it is fuzzy and restless, the band’s sound is a heady concoction of psych-pop, dream pop and noise with shoegaze leanings.

Tinkling piano notes wind creepy music box chimes into prickling guitar strings lingering and echoing around deep bass pulses and light tapping off-tempo beats, amid soft gentle female vocals layering dreamy whispers with agony and ecstasy emotional coos into a tense, dramatic interlude of droning reverb and icy keyboard stabs.

Confessional lyrics unleash a stream of consciousness, where worries and anxieties take on a life of their own leading to the dreaded questions “What if I never wake up? Or what if I never fall asleep ?”

The subconscious video, directed by Antoine Magnien and freely inspired by British artist Martin Creed’s “Work n°2811”, dives deep into the psychological realms of introspection, doubt, and secrecy, using a kaleidoscope of mirrors to examine the daunting disorder of insomnia.

Strategic camera angles splice sunlight into an intricate web of rays shining vainly onto the shameful sighs of sleepless eyes in a choreographed dance of dread, exposing crumbling studio ceilings and lost dreams in the wake of an awkward, brooding silence. Dramatic black screen transitions to darkness, where hues change to moody blues and blood red shattered dimensions fractured like stained glass shards into a mosaic of colorless suspicion, blurring light’s motion through time, space, and night’s ghostly shadows.

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