WL//WH Video Of The Day: KĀVE “Kamczatka”

Video Of The Day KĀVE

KĀVE is a young Alternative/Cold Wave band from Poland, who have released a gripping video for the song ‘Kamczatka’ taken from their recent 3-track debut EP ‘Cave Kave Wave.’

Icy liquid synths swirl over penetrating, clattering guitar riffs, charged by ominously dense syncopated bass pulsations and lashing mechanical claps, while intense, emotional female vocals painfully release dire fear into a compelling search for warmth, comfort, and true love.

Haunting auras cloak life and death imagery in darkness to set forth a fatal tone of unwelcome transformation. Neon blue lights cast cold emotions atop a hesitant bride, who hides in the shadows, rocking herself, while suspenseful camera angles, dramatic poses, and wicked costumes transfix the scenes into a funeral wake with tragic innuendos consuming the mind’s eye of the imagination.

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