WL//WH Video Of The Day: SWESOR BHRATER “Happy Death Day”

Video Of Day Swesor Bhrater

As a tasty preview to the new Split cassette album with Russian artist Person Generic, South of France dark folk /cold electronic experimentalists Victor-Yann & Yule, AKA Swesor Bhrater, have dropped a DIY video for the immersive leftfield electro-punk track “Happy Death Day”.

Music box nostalgia winds rapid sputtering beats and deep oscillating bass tones into mesmeric repetitions under anthemic lost and lonely male vocals longing wishes, harsh back-up grunts, and echoing alternate dimensions, while sparse icy bright synth melodies, disruptive squealing frequencies, droning neurotic fiascos, and wandering twisted guitar slivers aimlessly cut into the abrasive, caustic reversal of fortune.

Tongue-in-cheek lyrics use metaphor and wit to attest that despite the horrible state of modern dystopic life, there are still many ways “To wish me Happy Birthday!”

The dreamlike video depicts an unruly birthday celebration with sparklers, cake, party favours, and a memorable comedic performance by the band to spoof the always lingering dilemma of one’s impending “Happy Death Day.” Groovy shadow dancing takes the centre stage of a home entertainment set with creative costume embellishments, risque loungewear, and gag gifts while strobed lighting effects, time-lapse accelerations, and dramatic facial expressions generate a warped freak show vibe over the vicarious release of anxiety elicited through the clip.

The limited (only 50 Numbered copies) Split Cassette album ‘Swesor Bhrater & Person Generic’, available in early April, via Swesor Bhrather’s own independent label Idio[t]phone Records is on pre-order on Bandcamp.

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