WL//WH Track Of The Day: COLD EYES “Take It All Back”

Track Of The Day  COLD EYES

Ocala, Florida-based duo Mike Elliott & John Claytor, under the moniker of Cold Eyes, combine their devotion to Synth-Pop and New Wave of the ’80s with which they grew up with, flecked by sporadic hints of Soul and Funk, amid enthralling emotional-ridden melodies and bittersweet and moody atmospheres with subtly ‘Twin Peaks’ and ‘Stranger Things’ -tinged darkly eerie and cinematic vibes, invigorated with a modern twist. 

The brand new single, “Take It All Back”, the first preview for an upcoming sophomore EP, is imbued with heart-broken lyrics that confess to complete emotional devastation and eternal distrust at the hands of a romantic betrayal.

“Take It All Back” winds slowly through sinuously suffused and nocturnal edges cast by a heady heartbroken trauma, lead by steady crisp rhythmic patterns and chugging bass ripples, enveloped by the lonesome sprawling of blurred, rippling synths, floating with heartachingly buzzing crushed spirals of poignant desolation over magnetic heartfelt vocals, layering aching melancholic croons with warm sympathetic echoes, to evoke feelings of longing, regret, and sadness into cathartic spirals of nostalgia.

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