WL//WH Track Of The Day : HERLIGHTS “She”

Track Of The Day HERLIGHTS

We could talk over and over again about the too common claim that all his derivative and there is nothing interesting nowadays in the alternative music scene. My friend Renato Malizia from The Blog That Celebrates Itself Records is used to dedicate full compilations of new young bands, just to refute that. A song like the new single from the Russian 4-piece, Herlights perfectly shows there’s still music of astonishing intensity and emotional impact, made with love and talent, that fully deserve to be digged, supported and enjoyed.

Member of instrumental shoegaze trio Horsefish, musician /songwriter Sergey Yakimov started Herlights as his side project in 2016, but after a string of impressive singles it increasingly took shape, gifting us of genuine “dreamwave” gems. The group finally get to last year brilliant debut full-length album, titled “Happiness is now”, featuring their distinctive, atmospheric and hook-laden melding of dream-pop and post-punk with new wave and noise-rock undertones.
“She” is a song of disarming beauty, about letting go of the past, new beginnings and the uncertainty of the unknown. Propelled by swirls of hazy, shimmering guitars woven with throbbing bass and backed by steady drums, creating a wistful, melody-rich atmosphere laced with strong emotions and ageless romanticism. Lifted by Sergey’s dismal , aloof voice, almost imperceptible, impressing a final image of leaving the comforts of your past behind, and jumping care-free into a new, exciting, uncertain world as the winds of change carry you.
The striking blend of vocals and instruments, melody and intensity, past and present, gives the song a timeless quality that will warm the heart.

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