WL//WH Track Of The Day: KAT YUSTI & STOCKHAUSSEN “Almas Perdidas”


Mexico City classically trained musician and composer Angel Kauf,aka Stockhaussen is rather well-known, even if never enough, among the dark synth aficionados since his dark analogue electronic inception in 2015.

Molding the best elements of coldwave, synthwave and minimal synth in always intriguing and intricate ways that are distinctive, fresh yet familiar, he was able to add, along his three full-lengths, synthpop and even Italo-disco danceable inflections.

While must not be forgotten also his essentially post-punk project Isotropía, together with Georgian singer and performer Keren Batok, Angel has always been open to collaborations, since his early demos, with talented artists such as Kriistal Ann (Paradox Obscur), Sólveig Matthildur (Kælan Mikla), Ditta Perdita, Lynette Cerezo (Bestial Mouths), Aleksandra Pavlović (YusYus), and Anna Ninn (None, Glaring) to name a few.

Last but not least is the up-and-coming Colombian dark electronic DJ/producer Kat Yusti, lead vocalist on the brand new single “Almas Perdidas” from the soon to be announced Stockhaussen‘s 4th album via Young & Cold Records.

Steadily building ominously wicked arpeggiated bassline interspersed by taut whipping snare beats slips gradually into claustrophobic EBM-ish hypnosis, hanging steadily in a twisted wicked haze of pain, pierced with eerily squeaky hisses and clangs of subdued noise amidst alarming frigid synth bleeds, whilst narcotic, vexed female vocals echo evil enchantments into the dark abyss of lost souls.

Another strong effort, even more powerful than usual, from the Mexican synthesist.

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