WL//WH Track Of The Day : Hideous Towns ‘Dogma’

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To my great surprise this morning has been released a 5-track EP of unreleased tracks titled ‘Hesitation Tones (Disquiet Living B​-​Sides)’ from one of my favourite post punk / shoegaze band of the recent years, the Melbourne‘s four-piece Hideous Towns.

A bittersweet news that marks the one year anniversary of their promising debut album ‘Disquiet Living’, but also the confirmation of the group’s period of hiatus due to geographical separation.

They’ve also uploaded a video for ‘Stranger’s Doors’ I’ll insert below, but my favourite of the batch is the crystalline and dreamy pop of ‘Dogma’ with its sweet and melancholic aftertaste crafted by swirls of vaguely folk jangle guitar lines weaving ethereal and blissfull melodies and marvelously interweaving with the heartfelt and soothing Alana’s voice in a swirl of grace and beauty until the warm fuzzy coda.

I still recall when I talked with my mourned dear friend Chris T. about a couple of wonders from Australia, namely Hideous Town and Brisbane’s Forevr, in the wake of the great Aussie bands of the 80’s like The Church and The Go-Betweens and the excitement when they released their long-awaited LP…it would be absolutely a shame lose them forever.



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