WL//WH Track Of The Day : Diavol Strâin “Más allá del muro del sueño / Beyond the Wall of Sleep”

Track Of The Day Diavol Strâin

Another daily preview, this time from Chilean ‘abysmal darkwave’ 2-piece Diavol Strâin, made of of Lau M (bass, vocals) and Ginger Blue (guitar, backing vocals; also with Blasfemme) based out in Valparaíso, on the verge of dropping their new 9-track full-length “Todo el caos habita aquí”.

“Más allá del muro del sueño / Beyond the Wall of Sleep”, possibly influenced by the H. P. Lovecraft‘s tale of the same title, will disorient many fans, used to their powerful and danceable goth/deathrock anthems, sign of an album that will be, along its 9 episodes, fertile ground for fresh experiments with dark sounds and obscure emotions. 

Propelled by pounding and obsessive synthetic beats and ominous and mesmerizing swells of synth. The vocals are haunted, indolent and alienating, cold reverbed guitars build sweeping textures upon the hazy and gauzy electronic background while mournful guitar licks soar increasingly distressing, reflecting a spectral, highly emotional, visionary journey into the blurred and obscure world of dreams.

A darkly luxurious and compelling sliver of synth-laden atmospheric darkwave, keep a close eye on the album release…

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