WL//WH Track Of The Day: MY DARK PRINCIPLES “With No Mercy, I Live”

Track Of The Day  My Dark Principles

My Dark Principles is a newcomer enigmatic Darkwave outfit, from the only picture possibly a duo, whose origin is even more nebulous, which, in the last two weeks, has leaked on Soundcloud and YouTube the early 4 new songs that deviate from the usual leanings to the Joy Division-The Cure-The Sisters Of Mercy triptych for an immersive, cinematic and electronic sound, rife with doom and gloom epicness and bleak wicked atmospheric heaviness, exploring shadowy, murky and decadent realms of a suffering tortured soul, amid nightmares and paranoia, on which drift, over a dangerous edge between the alluring and sinister, spectral agonizing, Peter Steele-like, breathes, as haunting as they are haunted.

The latest track dropped, “With No Mercy, I Live”, is imbued with desperate lyrics that dwell in a cruel dark isolation of fear and pain.

Somehow the more majestically orchestral and gothic-tinged of the lot with a downright uncanny bridge, “With No Mercy, I Live” slips into a hellish tumble of distressed pain-filled emotions, to stir ephemeral sheer keen frequencies fluttering over scattered tapping rhythmic patterns, pulsing and buzzing dramatic low-end stabs, cello-like droning undulations, and eerie tinkling arpeggios, over obsessed, gravelly and whispery vocals seething and struggling to find hope, whilst under the leaden oppression of “no mercy.”

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