WL//WH Video Of The Day: VENUS BERRY “Me Quitter”

Video Of The Day  Venus Berry  

Since the early stages in 2014, Venus Berry, the music project of the eclectic and mysterious visual artist, musician and composer living in Bordeaux, Anouk Allard, has never been shy to boldly delve into diverse sonic territories from synth-punk, ambient, to rock and electro seamlessly enshrouded in a hallucinated mesmeric soft haze.

With the addition of two musicians, Antoine SapparrartPrécheur Loup ) on bass and Jules Méli Cockpit ) on guitar, after four EP’s under her belt, Venus Berry has finally dropped the noir-ish synthetic-dusted debut album “Shibari” out now in a co-released with Flippin’ Freaks Records (tape), Kalamine Records & La Souterraine.

A stunning cinematic video, created by Clément Pelo, for the immersive single “Me Quitter“, has been shared a few days ago

‘inspired by the Queer universe, Madonna and Mylène Farmer’

Bizarre disassociated auras fuse crisp asymmetric, off-kilter beats with a hypnotic, droning bass frequency to open unseen, ominous realms around high pitched distorted female vocals inflicting fear and pain as neurotic tendencies, while disruptive synth expansions spiral obtrusively into sinister swells, overwhelming the fading introspective intentions in harsh waves of reverb buzz.

Confessional lyrics reflect on multi-faceted perceptions of time, love, and loss through an ornery, nihilistic lens.

Surreal/ethereal dimensions paint an intoxicating portrait of carefree abandon, overindulgence, and societal angst using extraordinary neoclassical costume and makeup circa Marie Antoinette’s French Revolutionary era of grandeur and opulence. Enchanted woods draped in an eerie daylight fog draw a Grimm fairy tale set around a dramatic Barry Lyndon-inspired duel, where romance, fear, and libido ignite rich fantasy from the mind’s eye of imagination. Transitions flashback to the “night before” scene with sweeping camera angles, strobing lights, and a dim colour scheme to suggest a hazy, narcotic effect as the source for the subconscious plot.

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