WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips #30

  • South Yorkshire jangly noise dream-pop duo Weedipus “Broken Boy” second single

After last week’s enticing jangle flavoured debut single, Barnsley‘s duo reply with a ’90s-tinged energetic lo-fi intersection of grunge and punkish noise elements, that pulse and hum like a seething flow of subdued distortion, around round dreamy, intense female vocals echoing reverb hums, releasing in a hectic rush.

  • Stoke On Trent, UK based, early 90s lo-fi indie punk threesome originally from Newcastle on Tyne, made of long-term bassist Christine Rowe and vocalist/songwriter Pete Dale plus drummer Emma Wigham (Witching Waves), Milky Wimpshake “You Make A Nice Piece Of Art” from the upcoming 12″ vinyl LP “Confessions Of An English Marxist” via Bobo Integral

UK cult veteran indie punk band return, after a long 5 years hiatus, with unadulterated racketing energy and distinctive dry melodic flair, peppered with usual jagged satirical lyrics, through a less than 2 minutes new single unravels in bittersweet, dry, sparkling jangly guitar melodies mixed witty sarcastic male vocals long in loving appreciation for art and creativity.

  • Paris new wave/coldwave/dream pop band FIASCO “L’Ennui (Hyacinthe cover)” new single via In Silico Records

Beloved Parisian 4-piece Fiasco are back with a surprisingly distinctive take on a track from local rap artist Hyacinthe, instilling sad, harrowed moods wept in broken crystalline guitar melodies, humming synths, and dark disquieted vocals, that meander sullenly in alluring French coldwave gloom.

  • Jerusalem, Israel cinematic/jazz/funk/synth duo GROUP MODULAR “Acid Wheels” from 7″ single “Black Ray/Acid Wheels”
  • Buffalo, NY ambient/chillwave/post-rock/electronic project of Jeff Kandefer, aka Plio̱cene “Hazy Daze”
  • Los Angeles-based harpist Mary Lattimore “Sometimes He’s In My Dreams” from upcoming sophomore album “Silver Ladders” on Ghostly International
  • London, UK DIY folk artist LOU TERRY “Head over Heels” from the album “If I’m Me Who Are the Other Three”
  • Swedish indie-pop singer/music maker from Stockholm, Pocke Öhrström “Just Across The Lake”                          
  • Manchester, UK bedroom/dreampop solo project Brite Days “Best For You” from the debut EP “Passive”
  • San Francisco, Ca lo-fi/bedroom pop/indie/dream pop project Mister Baby “Moonlight Racing” from the album “Sidewalk Pop”
  • San José, Costa Rica dream pop project LENTAMENTE “Desayunar” 2nd single off upcoming LP “Descifrar la Última Págin”
  • Melbourne based indie rock/folk pop songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jess Locke “Fool” new single via Dot Dash Recordings.
  • Tel Aviv based, Experimental Dream Pop Israeli singer, songwriter, and film composer Zoe Polanski “Apple Hill” from the LP “Violent Flowers” on Youngbloods
  • Brisbane, Australia jangle pop/folk 5-piece Full Power Happy Hour “Old Mind Of Mine” new single
  • Providence, RI jangle indie-pop duo, POST WEST “Baby George” from the new mini-album “Bronco”
  • Charleston, South Carolina bedroom dream pop project of Kim Hart, Shiny Times “So Alone” new single
  • Copenhagen/Philadelphia indie-rock duo OLDEYE “Crime” from the debut EP “Runner”
  • Minneapolis‘ shoegaze/grunge/noise trio Double Grave “Long Drive Home” off upcoming album “Ego Death Forever” via Forged Artifacts
  • Jakarta, Indonesia indie twee pop one-man-band Adi Cumi, aka H! – ‘B’day’ [Shiny Happy Digital Club 04] on shiny happy records
  • Australian jangly indie-pop band from Sidney, formed in the mid-80s and Sarah Records affiliated, Even As We Speak – “Blind” from the new album ‘Adelphi’ on Shelflife Records
  • Toronto-based indie pop/sophisti-pop/new wave duo Favours “Memories” lead single on Favours debut LP “Made to Wait” due August 7th                                                                                                                                               
  • Barcelona-based indie/dream pop/shoegaze duo SLOW CONNECTION “Otra Dimensión” 3rd single
  • El Paso, TX eclectic shoegaze band EEP – “Breathless” from the debut album “Death of a Very Good Machine”
  • Melbourne, Australia indie pop/grunge/shoegaze 4-piece GRAZER “Intermission” from debut S/T EP
  • Monrovia, Ca lo-fi/bedroom pop/indie rock quartet Unicorns at Heart “February Sky” from the upcoming 4th cassette album “Aurora” on Z Tapes
  • Truth Or Consequences, New Mexico post-punk/new wave/synthpop/dream pop duo CHEMICAL CLUB “Blood on the pavement” new single
  • Auckland, New Zealand indie/shoegaze/guitar rock duo Lomarðian “Unseen” on Imaginal Discs
  • Cuernavaca, Mexico bedroom/lo-fi/indie pop/dream pop project, Anuncio en Blanco “Siento Que Estés Aquí” from upcoming album “Un Lungar” on Stupid Decisions
  • Russian atmospheric shoegaze/dream pop project from Podolsk, HIKI “The Snow Will Fall Again” off the seventh album “A Trip To The Sea”
  • Toronto, Canada dreamy indie rock trio Laughed The Boy – “Thirde” from V/A “Text Me When You Get Here” compilation on Fallen Love Records
  • Boston, Ma indie rock/dream pop band Divine Sweater “Out For July” from the debut album “Human Love”
  • Toronto based indie-rock band lead by musician Alannah Kavanagh, Grizzly Coast “Catch & Release” from “Party of One” EP
  • Swedish DIY lo-fi garage pop project of Åsa Söderqvist based in Gothenburg, Shitkid “885 (navy)” off upcoming “20/20” LP on PNKSLM Recordings
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota indie rock trio lead by Jordan Bleau (Frankie Teardrop, Cheap Fantasy, Wetter), Split Fountain “Crosstown” title track from the debut EP “Crosstown” on Forged Artifacts
  • Los Angeles dream/jangle pop/alt synth-rock collective Les Biches ‘Search Party’ from the new album ‘Gentlemen Sailing Into Darkness’
  • Russian Indie/Post-Punk/alternative band from Yaroslav, Пыль [Dustband] ‘РВБ’ new single
  • Rochester, Minnesota dream pop duo Vansire “Central Time (feat. Mick Jenkins)” new single
  • NYC-based dream pop duo of Matt Sklar (Exiles) and Federica Tassano (Sooner, Mônetre), aka Phantom Handshakes “Stubborn” first single from upcoming debut EP ‘Be Estranged’                                                                     
  • Mexican bedroom/dream pop artist Basic Flowers ‘Charmed’ new single from upcoming ‘Ulysses’ EP on Stupid Decisions
  • London-based indie-rock multi-instrumentalist Will Blackaby, aka BLACKABY ‘Semolina’ from the debut EP “What’s On The TV?” on Sad Club Records                                                                                                                      
  • Wellington-based, NZ psych-pop 3-piece TRANSISTOR “Nothing New” new single
  • Newcastle, Australia shoegaze/indie pop/fuzzy noise-pop project of Tilly Murphy, aka FRITZ “Arrow” new single via Inertia Music
  • Nashville, TN post-punk/new wave/dream pop trio led by songwriter and producer Joseph Lekkas, Palm Ghosts “My Heart Is A Beehive” from the new “Loop Arcade” EP
  • Portland, OR shoegaze 4-piece HELENS “Houses” from the new cassette EP “Flora” via Bud Tapes
  • Brooklyn, New York shoegaze/dream pop outfit 4VESTA “Static” title track from new EP “Static”
  • Richmond, Ca Northern Soul/Indie Pop husband/wife duo of Ryan and Lei Marquez, aka Golden Teardrops “I Won’t Be Fooled Again (Alternate Mix)” on Boring Spaghetti Records
  • Athens-based, Greek/Australian electronic/dream-pop duo of RΠЯ and Jessica Bell, aka Keep Shelly in Athens “Karpen Island” new single
  • Oakland, Ca avant pop/electro-pop duo Abracadabra “Comb Your Hair” from the S/T debut album
  • Parisian 25-year-old pop DIY singer/producer/multi-instrumentalist SINQA “Siren” from “Clay” EP on Nice Guys
  • Italian ambient/shoegaze/wave/synthpop/dreampop project of former Fine Before You Came drummer Filippo Rieder aka VRCVS • ’29’ (feat. Costanza delle Rose of Be Forest) from ‘II’ EP
  • Parma based, Italian synthwave/electronic/indie-rock singer-songwriter MY GRAVITY GIRLS “Forests” from the upcoming album “I miss something and miss everyone”
  • Oakland, CA electro-pop project FAVORS “Better Late Than Lazy” from the debut EP “Disjoin the Microdrama Honeydream Part 1”
  • Berlin-based Swedish dream pop/electronic band The Ghost of Helags “Parallel” new single                             
  • Athens, Greece synth/trip-hop//electronic producer CHRIS DAMIAN “Late night drive” new single
  • Denver, Co electronic/dream pop solo project Invisible ASPS “Losing Control Of The Machines”                         
  • Brazilian instrumental psychedelic project of guitarist Rafael Bulleto, aka NEPTUNEA “Infinito Espiral” new single on Alcalina Records

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