WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips #27

Desiree Dolron photography

Peaks Of The Weeks:

  • New York-based goth/darkwave/post-punk band Noche Tras Noche “El Fin” from “Caer y caer” demo EP

Surprisingly compelling debut demo EP from a mysterious Spanish speaking New York based 5-piece. Gritty, punkish, powerful, guitar wrenching, pitch black post-punk, which suggests great potential.

  • Adelaide, Australia darkwave/electro/post-punk/gothic disco project The Ghost Of Bela Lugosi ”Fade Into Oblivion”

Adelaide‘s horrorist delivers a haunting and obsessive bass-heavy dark disco for spooky nightmarish dance party ‘on the edge of sanity’.

  • Polish electronic/darkwave/post-punk trio from Gdynia, DOGS IN TREES “As I Burn” from the forthcoming new album “Echo” on Alchera Visions.

Polish trio give an intriguing taste of their forthcoming third LP with a dark, mysterious, brooding avant-coldwave reverie of stirring yet elegant instrumentation and profound emotional pull.      

  • California‘s dark chanteuse Chelsea Wolfe “American Darkness” from the upcoming album “Birth of Violence” out September 13, via Sargent House
  • Miami, Florida new wave/post-punk/darkwave solo project Astari Nite “Dearly Beloved” new single
  • Oakland, CA all-female esoteric/goth/darkwave/ post-punk 5-piece, BASTET “Siren” from debut EP “Lucid Duality”
  • Colombian dark synth/post-punk/coldwave boy/girl duo from Bogotà, THE POSTMODERNISM FORMS ”Red” from upcoming release “Alteraciones digitales”                                                                                       
  • Los Angeles, CA synth-punk/darkwave/post-punk/dark electro duo NO EXITS “Fortune”                                 
  • Los Angeles electronic artist Alex Marcial, aka DJ STOEK – “The String is Always Ready (Accumortis Remix)”
  • Moscow, Russia synth-pop duo from Saint Petersburg, Fleece Flower ‘Незнакомый друг’ from the album ‘1999-2000’
  • Belgian electro producer DATAWAVE “Electric Love (Crossmods Remix Feat. This Is The Bridge)”                   
  • Virginia‘s coldwave/new wave/synth-pop solo project English Death “I Went Searching for God (Dancing in Shame)”
  • Santiago De Querétaro, Mexico goth/new wave/post-punk 4-piece Lázaros -“1998” 2nd single from the upcoming debut album “Ultragedia”
  • Doncaster, UK goth/synth-pop/industrial/minimal synth/darkwave band Jan Doyle Band “Drop Dead” from the new mini-album “An Insurrectionary Neo Futurist Selection”
  • Orland, CA gothic/darkwave/underground project of Ean Martin, aka Mercury’s Butterfly “Dancefloor Nightmare”.                                                                                                                                                                    
  • Warsaw, Poland lo-fi/dreampunk/post-punk trio POTWORY I LUDZIE [PIL] | “Wakacje” title-track from upcoming debut cassette EP on dreamland syndicate
  • Los Angeles-based new wave/synth-pop duo of Dakota Blue & Jenny Nirgends, aka KINOLECTRO “Photographic Afternoons” new single
  • Phoenix, AZ coldwave/new wave/post-punk/ dark alternative electronic band Bella Lune ‘Stardust’ title-track from Bella Lune’s forthcoming 6th album.
  • Australian post punk trio from Sidney, COLD/HEAT “U.L.P & ME” new single                                                   
  • State College, PN dream-pop/synth-pop/post-punk duo PEACE CORPSE “Bodies 1” from the debut s/t EP
  • Berlin-based experimental/darkwave/drone/shoegaze/post-punk project of Anna Nin (aka None), aka Glaring “Wounds”                                                                                                                                                                    
  • Omaha, NE post-punk/synthwave/synth-punk project of Shawn Foree, Digital Leather – “Closed My eyes” from the upcoming album “Blow Machine”
  • Philadelphia post-punk/darkwave/synthpop/gothic duo Night Sins “Annihilator” from upcoming album “Portrait in Silver” on Funeral Party
  • Los Angeles Dark Electronic/Trip-Hop/Indietronica band, The Shattered Grey “Bonebare” (2019)
  • German electro/synthpop project of Harry Haller from Essen, FOKKER “In the Tear Gardens”                         
  • Southern California coldwave / post-punk duo POST TROPIC “Live Through Me” from upcoming LP “Mirrors”
  • Russian lo-fi/new wave/post punk outfit from Moscow, Около Полудня [Okolo Poludnya] – ‘Pustota’ from the new mini-album “PGP”
  • PoitiersFrench coldwave /darkwave /post punk project of Nicolas Albin (formerly Sludge), THEN CAME THE RAIN “Dystopia [Modern Slavery Mix by TCTR]” from “Dystopia (Remix)” album.                                           
  • Italian melancholic dark synth electronic trio from Turin, [dK] “Pain Provider” from the album つづく (collection of re-arranged, re-worked, re-mixed, re-mastered quality versions of several classic [dK] songs)
  • FrancoAmerican minimal wave duo consisting of Jean-Marc Vallod and Jane Honicker, based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in the early 80s, Soma Holiday “Too Many People” (unreleased outtake 1984) from upcoming remastered reissue 12″ EP of “Shake Your Molecules” on Minimal Wave
  • Canada/UK new wave/synth-pop project (formerly Sound Agency), Cause Célèbre “One Life” (Alternate Mix)
  • New York based EBM/coldwave/ synth-punk/dark minimal synth project of Jean Lorenzo, Silent EM “Wraith” from debut album “Don’t Crash So Fast” on Disko Obscura
  • Dublin based electro synthpop project of Peter Fitzpatrick, CIRCUIT3 “New Man (pick n remix by Le Cliché)” off of Barcelona-based project of Gerard Ryan, aka Le Cliché “Hedonic Consumption” album via his own Manufactured Desire Records
  • Sydney, Australia experimental/electronic/post-punk/post-pop project of Jack De Lacy (of Concrete Lawn and Australian Idol), EX-RENTAL “Ransomeware” from the debut album “wound_carry_(reach_for_the_stars)” on Perfume Counter                                                                                                                                     
  • England, UK synthwave/synth-pop solo project Fused feat. Kay Burden “Tear Me To Pieces” new single on Fusion
  • Montreal, Québec dark synthwave / synth-pop duo Déception “Exploit Me (Sortie de Secoure Remix)”
  • Spanish post-punk/dream pop/synth-pop solo project from Barcelona, BALACS “Bipolar” the 4th single from forthcoming album” Glacial Ways”
  • Russian goth/electro/darkwave musician Dmitry from Kazan, LONDON SADNESS ”Тихий Дом”
  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania post-punk band Empty Beings “Growing Boys” from forthcoming debut album “Dead & Pathetic” on Play Alone Records.                                                                                                         
  • Boston, MA psych/post-punk 4-piece Splitting Image “Mirror Lives” from debut EP “Thank You” on Illegally Blind
  • Russian goth/coldwave/post-punk 4-piece from Chelyabinsk, Schadenfreude “Gefagen” new single                 
  • Russian indie/shoegaze/post-punk trio from Moscow, Культодиночества [kultodinochestva] ‘Никому/Nobody’ from the new EP ‘Почти мечты/Almost dreams’
  • Goth/post-punk/dark-rock band from Detroit, Michigan VAZUM “The Passion of Lovers” (Bauhaus cover) from the new album “Variant”
  • Melbourne, Australia punk/post-punk/noise rock six-piece Lost Talk “Squab” from second and final vinyl LP “Tenterhooks” via Spooky Records.
  • Athens, Greece noise rock/grunge/post-punk quartet HEAD ON “Head On” new single
  • Trier, Germany noise/synth-pop/post-punk trio The Dead Sound “Kill this love” from the new album “Cuts” on CRAZYSANE RECORDS
  • Australian Darkwave/Dream Pop/Post- Goth project from Brisbane, LOCUST REVIVAL “The New Deception”           
  • Los Angeles new wave/synth-punk/post-punk all-girl trio AUTOMATIC “Too Much Money” new single on Stones Throw
  • Alaska‘s goth punk duo from Anchorage, Cliff and Ivy – “Exhibit” from V/A “The Alaskans Have Landed vol. I” on AKIMI
  • UK New Wave/Post-Punk band based in County Durham, COMA ROW “Cloud Watching” (Demo) off of two-track demo.                                                                                                                                                     
  • Polish neofolk/martial industrial band from Tarnowskie Góry, Grave of Love “Goodbye Little Traitor” from new EP “Rites of Change”