WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips – MARCH #12-22

  • IDLESTATES057 Podcast – Odilon’s Grip                                                                                                                   

Courtesy of Scottish label/podcast Idlestates, London-based, German-bred selector deftly spans one hour set of EBM, techno, industrial, Dark Disco, Synth Wave and everything dark ‘n’ gloomy you’d expect from the sweatiest murky corners of the dance spectrum. Don’t forget to check his weekly Artefaktor Radio Show, ‘Edgy Electronic Beats’, every 2nd Wednesday from 6 to 8 pm GMT.

  • Russian eclectic psych trance electronic DJ/producer Konstantin Isayev (aka Volta Cab), Rambal Cochet “Connecting People” from V/A “In Peace We Trust (Fundraiser)” humanitarian compilation on Stuttgart‘s Laster Records                                                                                                                                                   

Humanitarian peace compilation for Ukraine as we only like, not financing bloody weapons, but more healthy humanitarian aids. Rambal Cochet rolls with burning fires of hypnotizing, swirling and emotional-ridden trance. United we stand!

  • Zagreb, Croatia EBM /acid /techno /synth electro producer Sasha Rajkovich (member of Sumerian Fleet, NauGrau, FFFC, Kali Jugend), ZARKOFF “The Golden Calf” from the upcoming “Completed With Errors” EP on Tripalium Corp

Zagreb‘s eclectic electronic producer unveils the first atmospheric Sci-Fi Electro preview from the upcoming EP, that embraces syncopated hypnotic beats, airy washes of despondent spacey synth remoteness, eerie swirling frequencies, and groovy bass ripples, ebbing and flowing around distorted and mechanical vocoded spoken vocal delivery laced with quotes from King James’ translation of the Holy Bible.

  • Colombian Electro /Industrial /EBM /techno producer Felipe Novoa, aka Magnum Opus “Blades Of Hell” from V/A “Deviate VA004″ EP 12” on DEVIATE rec                                                                                                           

Colombian dark electronics producer Felipe Novoa, aka Magnum Opus stacks and unleashes an intoxicating and blazing electro fueled rush of unrelenting stabbing breakbeat rhythms, sparse crunchy percussive claps, forlorn icy bright synth drifts, alarming flashing swirls and filthy droning oppressive basslines to coalesce into a gritty twisted slab of rumbling dystopian dread. 

  • Brazilian experimental /ambient /techno /electronic producers Fernando Seixlack & Lucas Wirz, AKA Fernando e Lucas “1” from “Agora” EP
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands ambient / experimental /synth electronics DJ-producer Olf Van Elden, aka Interstellar Funk “The Helium Queen” from the upcoming EP “Into the Echo” on Dekmantel.                                  
  • UK acid /dark disco /psychedelic /cosmic /electronic producer Matt Gunn “Disko Drohne” from the 10″ vinyl EP “Disko Drohne” on Paisley Dark Records
  • Berlin-based Turkish pop /Middle East/electronic /psych-folk /experimental artist Gözen Atila AKA Anadol “Ablamın Gözleri” from the vinyl 12″ album “Felicita”
  • Italian ethnic /shamanic /tribal /ritual /psych /Balearic / electronic collaboration Umberto Vitiello & Donato Dozzy – “Peul (Dozzy Journey Remix)” from V/A “Multi Culti Equinox II” EP on Multi Culti
  • Italian ethnic /downtempo /acid /tribal electronic DJ/producer based in Rome, A-Tweed – “Midi Cooper (Tassilo Vanhoefen Remix)” from “Slime Mould Maze” EP on Feines Tier
  • Berlin-based wave /dub /disco /kraut /post-punk /electronic French producer and I’m A Cliche label head Benjamin Boguet, aka COSMO VITELLI “7 Foot Clown In My Bed (Ft. Truus de Groot)” from the third LP “Medhead” [I’m a Cliché]
  • Italian dark ambient /cosmic /drone /isolationist electronics artist SONOLOGYST – ‘Ad Astra’ from ‘Interdimensional’ CD album (CSR305CD) on Cold Spring
  • Paris, France ambient /cosmic /industrial /electronic producer Substencia – “Ultra” single
  • Barcelona‘s ambient /IDM /field recordings /techno /electronic project of Mario G. Quelart, aka LUCIENT “Sa Casa des Carbó” title track from the upcoming vinyl 12″ LP on Lapsus Records
  • Belgian experimental /dark ambient /drone /industrial /ritual /avantgarde /techno producer (part of the duo Orphan Swords & one half of Figure Section), RAUM “Agartha” from the upcoming album “Montsalvatsche” on his own Antibody label
  • Prague, Czechia Endless Illusion label head and electronic producer Ladislav Zensor, aka EXHAUSTED MODERN “H.S.T.A. (Das Ding Cover) from the Das Ding’s 1982 “Highly Sophisticated Technological Achievement” album
  • San Antonio, TX based EBM /industrial /coldwave /minimal electronics multidisciplinary artist Moze Pray – “Illusions of Peace” from upcoming cassette EP “Consecrated To Everything & Nothing” on Somatic
  • Palmira, Colombia EBM /industrial project of Anthony Said, aka EIN SIR – “Abschied Von Meiner Menschlichkeit”                                                                                                                                                         
  • Italian experimental /raw /EBM /acid /darkwave /techno new project of producers Violet Poison and NGHTLY, AKA Elica Mayres – “La Danza Delle Serpi” from the upcoming cassette “Neuromancer” on Raw Culture [30 Limited Tapes Series]                                                                                                               
  • Paris based EBM /industrial techno producer Termination_800 – “Spec Ops” from upcoming cassette EP “Opfor Target” soon on Crave Tapes                                                                                                                             
  • German goth coldwave /EBM producer Johannes Stabel, aka XTR HUMAN – “Dark Germany (Filmmaker Remix)” from “G.O.L.D / Technofossil” split remix album with Visitor on Braid Records
  • Hamburg, Germany experimental /minimal wave/synthpop project of dark electronic artist Konstantin Unwohl, AKA Acid Ernst – “Ehre” from upcoming “Ehre” EP 12″ on LUX REC
  • Spanish EBM /techno /electronic producer Alen Skanner “Painkiller” new single
  • Russian Dark Minimal Elektronic /Industrial producer from Bryansk, LVRIN ”The Unseen” from “Creature [Ukraine Relief] ” album on Pinkman.
  • French EBM /Dark Synth /Techno/Coldwave /Dark Electro producer Hissarlik “Alkane” from upcoming album “Fragments” on Death Decay Magic
  • Russian EBM /acid /synthwave /breaks /techno producer Sanyanameste “Entropy (Gegen Mann Remix)” from the upcoming EP “Solace And Solitude” on Sharped Records
  • Berlin-based Irish industrial experimental techno electronic producer Simon Hayes AKA Swarm Intelligence “Lethality” from the upcoming s/t EP [Swarm Intelligence]                                                                                        
  • Spanish ambient /industrial techno production duo Reka & /Beyond/ – “We Owe You All” from “Astalar” EP via their own Spanish label Urban Legend Records
  • NYC acid /breakbeat /industrial /techno producer Adam Mitchell (founder of Sonic Groove label and brother of Frankie Bones), ADAM X “As The Fear Shall Follow” from “As The Fear Shall Follow” on BITE
  • UK EBM /new beat /dark disco Producer-Remixer-DJ and Nein Records label boss, Neil Parnell AKA Tronik Youth “Number Wang (Cardopusher Remix)” off of upcoming “Kutt-Outs” EP on Roam Recordings
  • Portugal‘s dark hypnotic techno producer Robert Hoff – “Spacequake (Original Mix)” from “Magnetic Pressure” EP on Robert Limited
  • Lisbon, Portugal rhythmic techno producer João Temudo Rodrigues AKA Temudo “Susto” from “Fidelio” EP on HAYES collective
  • Madison, WI industrial /techno producer DJ SPEEDSICK “Spun 21″ from “Midwest Death Trance” EP on Techno Is The Devils Music
  • Colombia‘s Filmmaker‘s electro /synth side project, Renderer “Immersive Strike” from “Virtual Presence” EP on BODY MUSICK
  • Berlin-based acid /disco /techno producer ManPower “Psychedelectricity” from “Use It Up EP” on Optimo Records
  • GrecoGerman Berlin-based electro /acid /EBM /cold wave /post-disco duo Vamparela & Brax Moody, aka Local Suicide ‘Jam Bounce Release’ w/ Theus Mago” new single from the forthcoming album ‘Eros Anikate’ due out March 15th, 2022 on Iptamenos Discos
  • Mexican dark disco /indie Hypno-dance electronic duo and Creatures of the Night label heads, Zombies in Miami – “Cycles” from V/A #StandWithUkraine compilation on Dischi Autunno
  • London-based dark space disco /acid /electro /indie dance /space /techno producer ED Tomlinson aka UNCOMMON “Bleeps – Tronik Youth Remix” from “Each To There Own” EP on NEIN Records
  • Vienna, Austrian dark disco /indie dance /electronic producer Yöurr – “Double Grab (Local Suicide Remix)” from “Chapter 12” on French label Critical Monday                                                                                                               
  • México electronic /dark disco producer Alfredo Cardenas, aka Montessori “Glue In The Sand Feat Vongold (Peter Invasion & Gregor Habicht Remix)” from the upcoming EP “Glue In The Sand EP Feat Vongold” [Nothing Is Real]                                                                                                                                                     
  • Italian electronic /Italo disco mainstay DJ/producer (one half of Black Spuma – with Lauer) and Slow Motion label co-head, Fabrizio Mammarella “Compumemory” from upcoming V/A “Lost Tapes Vol. 5” on AEON                      
  • Brussels based acid /dark disco /electronic DJ-producer and Higher Hopes boss (half of Los Niños Del Parque), DC Salas “Time Well Spent (Massimiliano Pagliara Remix)” from “Time Well Spent” EP on TAU                        
  • Barcelona based wave /Italo /disco /electronic French producer AGLE “About Last Night (Original Mix)” from the upcoming EP “For Eternity” on Ritmo Fatale                                                                                                                      
  • London-based ambient /deep house /techno duo Metropolitan Soul Museum “Monet’s Haystacks” from V/A “Kulture Galerie Year 1” EP on Kulture Galerie
  • Amsterdam‘s ambient /Balearic /chillout /tropical /deep house producer LOVE APE – “Beachnap (Joe Morris Mellow Sun Mix)” from “Sawah Indah” EP on Shades Of Sound Recordings
  • South Wales, UK experimental /ambient /noise /drone /electronic project of Rob Shields, AKA Sunplus “Plasma Gel Patterns” from the album “Soft Printing Machines” on Canigou Records
  • London based electronic /synth project of S J Nelson, AKA The Nameless Book – “Lights Out” from the second album “Blank Page” on Tbilissi Recordings
  • UK dark ambient /ethereal /cinematic /drone /post-rock project of Tom Moore AKA Dead Melodies “Where Lonely Embers Glow” from the upcoming LP “Memento” on Cryo Chamber
  • Norway‘s ambient /abstract /kosmische /modular electronic musician Jostein Dahl Gjelsvik AKA Pjusk “Ikke se ned” from the album “Sentrifuge” on Somewherecold Records
  • UK/Portugal ambient /experimental /electronic collaboration, Burning Pyre & Canadian Rifles “Autobiography of Burgundy” off of V/A “Wild Love To Grow” war fundraising cassette compilation on Eastern Nurseries
  • Ambient /drone /found sounds /soundscape project of Italian classical guitarist and composer, Federico Mosconi ‘Blood’ from the LP ‘Air Sculptures’ via Lost Tribe Sound’s album series, ‘Salt and Gravity’.
  • Victoria BC ambient /drone /field recordings /electronic project Landtitles “Nightbirds and static flight” from the album “As the night comes softly down” on Polar Seas
  • Californian experimental /ambient musician & multimedia artist based in Portland, Marcus Fischer – “Mirror Ritual” from V/A “Ritual Variations” re-imaginations of music material created by L.A. artist Robert Takahashi Crouch
  • Basque Country ambient /acoustic folk trio Fernando Aguirre, Xabier Iriondo, Iñigo Ugarteburu, AKA Carcáscara “Ciervo, Burro, Txitxarro” from the album “2” on Aural Canyon
  • Japanese composer & pianist Hiroko Murakami AKA Hiroco.M “Little Forest” from the album “In the Forest” on 1631 Recordings